Why does Montessori Education Stand Out

Why Does Montessori Education Stand Out?

There are different elements that make the Montessori Approach stand out. In this video post, we are exploring four of them.

➽ The Whole Child Approach

When we went to school, it was all about educating our brain, but in Montessori we are educating the whole child: their physical needs, intellectual needs, language needs, social needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs altogether.


➽ The Highest Goal of Montessori

It is that every child reaches his/her full potential in ALL areas of life.


➽ The Prepared Environment

It is an environment prepared to meet all the needs of the child. Every element of the space is considered and strategically planned. In other words, there is a reason why shelves are arranged in a certain way, plus there is a reason why materials are placed in a certain order.


➽ The Montessori Materials

There is no other philosophy of education that will offer as many tactile activities catering to children’s needs on diverse levels.




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