Happy Mom with her daughter playing at the park

The 7 Critical Things To Provide Your Child In The First Five Years Of Life

Parenting does not come with a manual.

However, as parents we would like to ensure that we do the best for our children.


What can you do to ensure that your children grow up to be intellectually smart and emotionally balanced individuals?


Understanding that the first five years in a child’s life is very crucial…here are 7 critical things you can do to make your child smarter:

  1. Research has shown that breast-feeding your child for the first twelve months can boost their IQ. If you cannot breast feed for some reason, make sure that you provide the best formula that has brain-boosting nutrients.
  2. Play games and activities that are mentally stimulating with them- games that will engage them with logical and critical thinking. There are many games for all ages that you can buy.
  3. It is important that your child eats foods that have nutritional values. Avoid junk at all cost – especially the popular noodles and every thing else that comes in packets that have MSG, preservatives and food colourings. If you are giving anything out of a packet, read the ingredients on it. Bad foods will rob your child of his IQ.
  4. Limit the time for watching TV or DVD. Many researches and experiments have proven that more than 90 minutes a day of watching TV is highly detrimental to a child’s brain development.
  5. Let your home be filled with warmth, love and free from stress. Be attentive to your child. Talk with love at all times – however challenging. When correcting on their behavior, never use words to label them (naughty, lazy etc…). This will damage their self-esteem
  6. Be careful what you buy for your child. Make sure that the toys; food and everything you buy are free from toxins. If you are not sure, don’t buy. There are harmful chemicals in most things today. They can affect your child’s brain development and cause learning difficulties.
  7. Introduce your child to non-formal music classes. Choose a preschool that allows interaction with materials and other children and not one that focuses only on academics.


You, as parents, are in control of your  child’s brain development and every choice you make for your child counts.



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