Why Our Students Say…​

I received job offers RIGHT AWAY!

I would like to say that this course has been a great learning experience and has shown me a different perspective about teaching and understanding my children. My original plan for doing the Diploma was to be able to teach my toddler using the Montessori method. But after we moved to London, I have received job offers right away. What a great feeling! I can practice, get paid and be with my child at the same time. Thanks to Sunshine for making this possible for me

Excellent for a mother like me!

I regret I didn’t take this program a long long time ago. Now I have 3 children and I realize that for so long I educate or raise my children wrong way. But late is better than never. I will try my best to change the way I raise my kids. This program is excellent for mother like me!!!

Taught me patience and understanding

This Montessori Diplom has taught me how paying attention to details and signals from the child can make a huge difference! I would like to thank Ms. Jenny for her remarkable commitment to the Montessori method of teaching. She instructs with care, dedication and precision. This course provided me with an enriched experience that I will always carry with me throughout my teaching career. Thank you so much

A TOP TRAINING CENTRE, from a complete set of materials to a well-planned curriculum

I am a father of 3 daughters who attended a Montessori preschool. The fact that my daughters are Montessorians had drawn my attention into finding more about it. Before joining STT, my knowledge of the concept was somehow limited. I googled the information and had very little discussions with the kids. So, my ‘love’ for Montessori concept was only skin-deep. After joining STT, I can say that I had gained a lot of knowledge and tools to teach young children. Although initially I did not have the intention to teach, now I can say that I can’t afford not to. Had I known the concept way earlier, I could have done a lot better in educating my children back at home. STT has it all to be a top Training Center, from a complete set of materials to a well-planned curriculum, you name it.
I had made only a few good decisions. But joining STT was my best one. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending STT to teachers or parents who want to know more about Montessori concept. For STTC is certainly the right place to start from. Thank you Ms Jenny, thank you STT.

You changed her life… She resigned her job after 17 years and now works in a Preschool

“Dear Sony. A quick note… This is to Thank you and your team ,VERY MUCH for all the efforts made in helping Yanti get her diploma. You changed her life, she did resign her job at the hotel after 17 years! and began at the Montessori school near the house, in Senayan on April 1st 2013.
Indeed a new career.. No more Saturdays and Sundays at work, no more late nights, but most of all, she now looks forward to going to work every day.I see her smiling and telling me about her day at school… no more long faces!!
So, again, Many thanks to you and all concerned.. indeed a new beginning and all because of you….
We wish you every success….feel free to give my Email or hp 081808000007 to any potential student who may wish to talk to me about the course… In English language of course…..!!

Sunshine made my dream come true!

My dream to set up a preschool, Alhamdulillah, have been accomplished. Not only just an ordinary school, but a conceptual school; and Montessori concept school is very suitable for children. I can’t imagine how my ‘school building’ would be if I’ve never met the awesome Miss Sarah and Sunshine Teachers’ Training that has given lots of knowledge to fill my school building. My message to you who dream on setting up a preschool: It is better for not only focusing on the building. Solidify the ‘content’ rather than ‘building’. I’d like to say, enjoy the ‘content’ of this Montessori Method with sincere intention to help, accompany children who will later become the heirs of all of us. Please keep on improving future generations with this extraordinary method.
Keep inspiring Sunshine Teachers’ Training (^u^)

What you are doing, Sony, is wonderful.

Teachers are indeed key elements to make a difference. By training them, you are helping millions of children to get better education and thus help them get a better future. I’ve already started to spread the word about your amazing teacher training center. Hopefully other teachers, mothers, and education enthusiasts will join. Other than that, I hope that Sunshine Teacher’s Training continues to grow and keep being a prominent education institution in Indonesia and worldwide.

LOVED this Montessori Diploma Course

This Diploma course is very practical and easy to understand. It is helping me to understand children better, be an understanding teacher and look after children’s needs. I can apply what I learn directly with children. The course is fun and I meet many new friends too.

This course is beyond my expectations!

Hi Sony and Jenny, I want you to know that this course is keep going beyond my expectations, I feel I always learn something new from your experience and I found that, while I know more about Montessori philosophy and how it works in the real world, you generate in me a high curiosity for looking for more variations and extensions to provide the children opportunities of learning, and opportunities to be in touch of Montessori great values: providing children a rich, beautiful, caring, kind environment.

Thank you very much for that.
Big hug for both of you.
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