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We started our preschool business adventure by looking for Montessori practitioners in Indonesia who understand 'inside out' the preschool and education business. Luckily, we found Sony Vasandani and had her as our consultant. Sunshine Teachers Training was extremely helpful since the beginning, from the brainstorming process until the launch of Kids Republic. We received not only advice about managing a preschool, but also about dealing with parents, dealing with different types of children, plus dealing with conflicts in the preschool etc..
"My experience with Sunshine Teachers training, has truly been one of a kind. From the first day and throughout our training sessions,Mrs Sony Vasandani and her team have help me getting closer to my dream of opening my own preschool. The program ‘’The Preschool  Business Accelerator ‘’ offers key and detailed informations to anyone Who wishes to open a preschool. In addition they offer great tools and are always willing to answer your questions. Honestly signing up for this course was the best decision ever."

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Are you inspired to start your own preschool but feel you lack the knowledge or need a sense of direction to get it right from the start?

If you answered “yes” then here’s the good news…

With the RIGHT mentoring and a strong desire to succeed, it is possible for you to be living your dream as director of your own preschool in a few months!

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With 25 years in the industry and a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed…

We have successfully helped many like you, to set up their preschool without them wasting time and money on doing things the hard way. 

There is a lot to do…from planning your entire dream preschool, knowing the right way to set up, creating essential documents and marketing materials,  getting your SOP, curriculum, students observation checklists, assessments and other documents ready for your school and teachers to use. 

We can help you all the way…

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