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Parents… Do you spend time with your child?

Time is the most precious thing to us.

When parents hold their child for the first time in their life, they imagine spending a lot of time with their baby, showing how much they love them and doing every thing they can to give them the best.

But as your child grows and you may also have more than one child, there are always so many things to do that it becomes challenging to find enough time.

We are always wishing for more time – even if it is just that extra time to sip that cup of coffee in the morning before it gets cold.


As precious as your time is to you, your time is also very precious for your child.


It was Dr. Anthony P. Witham who once said “children spell love…T-I-M-E.”

Most parents will say that they spend time with their children all day.. getting them dressed and ready for school, feeding, driving them around from class to class, cooking for them and putting them to bed. But that is not the ‘time’ I am referring to here.


I am talking about ‘Quality Time’. The kind of one-to-one attention like you give your best friend when you catch up during the weekend over coffee.


Why is spending such quality time very important for your child? (If you have more than one child – then it is quality time separately for each child that I am referring to).

When you spend quality time with your child (even if it is just 15 minutes a day), you are telling him that I want to be with you and I like being with you.

It is a very powerful message to give to your child.

Children, whose parents don’t spend ‘time’ with them, will let you know in their subtle ways what they feel. You may notice the following:

  1. Withdrawal : They may become more quiet.
  2. Act out: Some may start misbehaving and you may see your child starting to bite, scratch or if they have a younger sibling, they may even hurt the little one.
  3. Tantrums: Some may throw tantrums which is a great way to get your attention
  4. Increased crying: Your child may become extra cranky
  5. Bed-wetting/ thumb sucking: They may regress to habits they had when they were younger.


Spending time with your child provides them with opportunities to voice out and be heard. Most important, you connect with your child in a very special way. And it is this connection that makes them feel loved and will help them grow up to be loving, confident and secure as adults. You will also be the first person they will share things with if there is something that is not right in their lives or if something or someone is bothering them.

So drop your cell phones, housework and everything else on hold to spend those extra quality minutes with your child. You will one day be able to look back and be thankful for those memories.

No time to spend time with your kids? Read this interesting article:


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