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Are you inspired to start your own preschool but feel you lack the knowledge or need a sense of direction to get it right from the start?

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With the RIGHT mentoring and a strong desire to succeed it’s possible, in a few months, for you to be living your dream as director of your own preschool.

How can we say this?

With 25 years in the industry and a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed…

We have successfully helped a number of individuals to set up their preschool without them wasting money on doing the wrong things.

Most people who come to us realise there’s a lot to do, from planning your entire dream preschool, in creating your curriculum and training your teachers.

Do You Want to Start Your Own Preschool

After working with us and being getting assistance with all the implementation, you’ll be able to confidently start your very own unique preschool.

Here’s a quick summary of the help you can expect…

  • exploring the right philosophy for your preschool based on your beliefs and dreams
  • providing you the list of groundwork that you will need to do before commencing.
  • planning and working towards your goal
  • incorporating the your desired philosophy in your preschool
  • preparing all internal documentations required for the smooth functioning of the preschool
  • providing you with the entire Montessori preschool curriculum and assessment templates for all age-groups (3-6 years)
  • providing you with the complete Montessori lesson plans for all areas.
  • showing your teachers how to plan, create and implement the thematic topics within the Montessori teaching curriculum.
  • providing you with list of all Montessori preschool materials and connecting you with suppliers and everything else that you need.
  • helping you with interviewing your Montessori preschool teachers
  • implementing and getting started – includes site visitations.
  • providing your teachers with Montessori preschool teacher training program to get them all ready for the school.
  • follow up, brain-storming Montessori preschool ideas and helping with initial start up issues in all areas.
  • helping you introduce awareness programs for parents & school promotion.
  • preparing you and your teachers for initial parents & teachers meetings.
  • helping you at all times throughout the process.
Gaby Sindoro
Gaby Sindoro

Gaby's story:

“Joining Sunshine Teachers Training has been one of the best decisions in my life.

After having gone through STT’s Diploma course, I saw a lot of the values taught in Montessori matches well with my own beliefs. It didn’t take long for me to find out my passion lies in the early childhood education field.

Throughout the course, Ms. Jenny has helped me to understand in depth about what the Montessori method is all about. With her many years experience both in teaching preschool and training teachers, she is able to share in detail not only about the Montessori philosophy but also about how to apply all the theories in a real Montessori classroom.

I remember being excited and looking forward to attending her classes each week.

After the Diploma course I decided to start our own preschool, KinderHaven Preschool & Enrichment Center (Gading Serpong), with the support of Paramount Enterprise.

Right after my first meeting with Ms. Sony, I knew for sure that STT is the right partner to work with. Not only is she an expert in what she does, but I can see clearly that she does her work with a lot of passion.

We started our brainstorming discussions via email towards the end of December 2014. Starting April 2015 up until now Ms. Sony and Ms. Jenny have been guiding my team and I in the preparations of starting up our dream Montessori preschool.

To name a few, STT’s work scope includes the provision of teachers training, curriculum development, introduction to good Montessori materials’ suppliers, and advice as to how to set up a proper Montessori classroom. Aside from giving consultation services and teachers training, STT has also had a collaboration with KinderHaven for our Christmas Carnival last December 2015 – during which Ms. Sarah held a mini seminar talking to parents about “Montessori at Home”.

After having been exposed to the Montessori community here in Jakarta, I am happy to know that STT is well recognized and has a high reputation amongst local Montessorians. I strongly believe that STT is very much equipped with the expertise and passion when it comes to everything Montessori. It has been such a pleasant experience working alongside STT.

I hope STT will be able to inspire more individuals, help more moms in educating their children at home, and improve the quality of more Montessori schools in Indonesia through their teachers training and preschool consultation services.

My most sincere gratitude goes to Sunshine Teachers Training for introducing me to the wonderful world of Montessori, for allowing me to fall in love with it – and for helping me build my dream Montessori preschool here in Gading Serpong”.

Gaby Sindoro