Montessori Certificate Course

Teaching children 2.5-6 years

If you are a very busy teacher or parent who wants to learn Montessori but do not want to do any assignments


If you have previously learned Montessori but would like to refresh your learning
Then this Montessori Certificate Course is for you!

This Montessori Certificate Course is 100% Online.

There are no assignments, exams, or workshops, so even the busiest parents or teachers can learn Montessori.

It is a purely learn-and-implement course.
You watch the videos, go through the step-by-step lesson plans, and are ready to implement.

In 9 months or less, you will be able to learn all you need to know about the Philosophy and the FIVE areas of Montessori.

At the end of the course, you will receive a
Certificate of Completion!

Leaping into Literacy

When you sign up, you will have access to the following:

  • Nine modules
  • Over 100 video presentations
  •  FIVE Montessori curriculum areas Manual Books with color illustrations
  • Email support (within 24 hours response) from our experienced Montessori Trainers.
  • Lifetime mentorship, so you have lifetime Montessori implementation support through
    • Monthly Zoom meetings
    • WhatsApp learning Group
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Meet your trainer

Jenny is our Master Trainer! She is a mother of triplets, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy. She has decades of experience with teaching children and training adults in Montessori. Jenny is also a certified parenting coach!

She has her videos on our YouTube, and you can see her gracefulness in presenting Montessori. Step-by-step, Jenny will take you through learning Montessori through her videos in your learning portal. You will also meet Jenny in person during your monthly Zoom sessions.

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This course is a wide eye opening! When I registered and learned about the philosophy of Montessori and how the materials are so rich in the five areas of this study. I have understood each well. I made the materials myself and I put them into practice. Sunshine Montessori Training is walking its talk! I would highly recommend those who would like to go deeper in their education of Montessori to enrol in this course with SMT. They are the real deal!!!
Well, what can I say? It has been a super fun experience. Since I learnt about Montessori I couldn't wait to know how you actually did the method and then I found Sunshine Montessori Training and decided to go for it. I have been excited about it since day one. I am now luckily working on a Montessori pre-school and I can start putting into practise everything I learnt. The teachers of the course have been super helpful and kind, always answering to all my numerous questions, which I am very grateful for. I have felt very comfortable and supported throughout this whole course and I just want to say a big THANK YOU for this great experience.
I am so grateful for this achievement. The learning experience with Sunshine Montessori Training was beautiful. I believe this knowledge will not only be useful for a preschool but also at home when raising my children in the future. I believe I can make a better parenting with Montessori knowledge. Sunshine Montessori Training made it easy for me to learn online. They also gave me lots of support and encouragement that helped me to complete my learning journey.
Joining Sunshine Montessori Training was one of the most joyful experiences ever. The very easily accessible online courses, to the amount of information taught during the diploma I was always supported by the whole team. I am extremely happy for everything I have learnt in the process and what I was able to give to my daughter more because of it.

Your Investment:
US $997
(one time payment)

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The 9 Modules you will learn in this course:

A Portrait of Dr Maria Montessori

Module 1 - Montessori Philosophy

You will learn all about Montessori and its principles. This has proven to be an eye-opener to many parents and educators.

Module 2 - Child Development

You will learn all about children’s development from 0-6 years, covering physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social development. This will help you know how to support children’s development.
Adorable Girl Doing Open Ended Activity Montessori Education
Woman Buttoning Clothe

Module 3 - Practical Life Activities

Practical Life exercises are the cornerstone of the Montessori environment. You will learn to assemble materials and present them to children.

Module 4 - Sensorial Training

Children learn through their senses. You will learn to present materials that help refine children’s five senses. senses: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell.
Young Girl doing Montessori Education Activity at Home
Home Montessori Education with Mom

Module 5 - Language

You will learn to take children through a step-by-step learning process to read and write and create many materials to support their learning.

Module 6 - Mathematics

You will learn how to teach numbers up to 9,999, the decimal system, the four basic operations, and more to your children, helping them build a strong foundation and love for numbers.
Montessori Education Learning Material
Teacher discussing in Montessori Education

Module 7 - Culture

You will learn about the cultural materials, including zoology, botany, geography, and history. You will also be able to create materials to use with children.

Module 8 - Observation

Observation is an essential skill for anyone working with children. You will learn how to observe children to understand them better and help their development.
Exploring Painting at Montessori Education School
Serious Woman in Online Education Course

Module 9 - Curriculum Planning

When you work with children, you need to know how to plan the curriculum and include them across the 5 areas of Montessori which we call the curriculum web.

At the end of this course, you will…

– Have a deep understanding of Montessori Philosophy and it’s principles

– Know how to present over 250 activities from the 5 different areas

– Be able to create plenty of materials to help children learn

– Use the lesson plans to teach children at home or in school.

Montessori will not be a mystery anymore…

You will have a clear understanding of Montessori.

How to enrol:
You will get immediate access to your course.

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Important FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
Anyone who would like to learn Montessori, Child development, and the five curriculum areas of Montessori. There is no minimum qualification required for this course.

This is a 100% self-paced online course. You can access all your lessons in your learning portal on your laptop or smartphone.
We meet monthly over Zoom to discuss a topic and have a Q&A session.

You will also be able to ask questions in a WhatsApp group that you will be a part of.

Not to worry, you will have access to all monthly Zoom recordings.

Our fastest learner could complete this course in 4 months. We allow you to access your learning portal for up to 9 months.

There are no assignments or workshops in this course. This is purely a learn-and-implement course.

Yes… upon completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of completion.

The videos are copyrighted and belong to Sunshine Montessori Training. Therefore, please do not download them. You may download the colorful manuals with illustrations. They have complete lesson plans. They are yours to keep for life.

You will have access to the portal for nine months. We offer an annual membership for graduates who have completed their learning and received certificates. This can be renewed every year (unlimited).

This annual membership costs US$150/year and gives you unlimited access to
the videos and materials in the portal for a year.

Yes… we aim at student success.
You will have support through our WhatsApp group and monthly Zoom meetings.

Sunshine Montessori Traininghas been in existence since 2005, providing the best learning experience online for learners. We have thousands of happy graduates. We also have national accreditation.

Yes.. if you feel you would like to do your Diploma instead, you can upgrade. Just let us know.

Any questions?

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