12 Powerful Language Games for your Child

In Montessori, even before we introduce children to formal reading and writing, we play many games that help build a STRONG BASIC foundation for learning.

And we continue to create and play many games with them in their preschool years…

These games  form the building blocks for their future learning… AND because children enjoy these games so much, they will develop a love for learning too…

Would you like to learn these games so you can implement them with your child?

Here’s what you will learn..

1 – Phonics Song

2 – I Spy

3 – Can You See What I See

4 – I Went to the Market

5 – Picture Reading

6 – Show & Tell

7 – Odd Man Out 1

8 – Odd Man Out 2

9 – Sorting

10 – Rhyming Games

11 – Syllables

12 – Adjectives Games

When you play these games with your child, you will be helping them learn:


… and more!

You will also learn how to make simple materials to play language and literacy games with your child.

Its going to be fun!

Learning Mode: ONLINE 

Learn at your own pace. You will have 30 days access to all the lessons. 

Starting Date: 1st July 2020


Fee: Rp. 290,000 (includes soft copy of handout)

(USD 19)



How to sign up:

1/ Fill in the form with your details

2/ We will WhatsApp you within 24 hours and let you know the transfer details

3/ You will get access of the course on 1st July 2020


What Learners Say...

"Everything that you learn will improve your ability, your knowledge in working with children. So there's nothing to loose.. but much to gain."
Devi M.
"I would like to say that if you really have passion in children's development, you will love learning this."

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