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Train your Teachers

Why provide training for your teachers?

It is very common to see a high rate of turnover of teachers in any preschools / school. This is because every now and then teachers need something more to challenge them and to learn something new. After all, things do get monotonous if you just keep doing the same thing over and over again, year after year.

A meaningful training program for your teachers…

  • Keeps them motivated & excited about their job
  • Inspires them
  • Makes them feel that you care for them
  • Helps them grow as a person
  • Helps them feel secure staying with you.
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Popular workshops that will highly benefit your teachers

Montessori Curriculum

Montessori Curriculum

More and more preschools are introducing Montessori materials in their preschools but their teachers lack the knowledge and skills in implementing them. This results in waste of the materials and lack of appreciation of their use. Teachers will receive an in depth knowledge of the Montessori materials in the following areas:

Curriculum Planning (3 hours)

Most preschools teach children using themes (thematic learning). However, this is most effective only if teachers know how to plan the theme to bring it across to all areas of the curriculum. In this workshop, teachers will learn:

Teachers will be able to independently implement activities to effectively implement the preschool’s curriculum.
Curriculum Planning
Professional Development

Professional Development (3 Hours)

Teachers need to conduct themselves professionally at all times. This is crucial for the school they work in. In this workshop, teachers will learn:

Prior to this workshop, we will need to have a half hour session with the principal (in person or over the phone) to discuss your school’s vision and guidelines that you have in place for your teachers.

Montessori Philosophy (6 hours)

Montessori Philosophy will take teachers through a journey of understanding the child. Teachers will learn:

Montessori Philosophy
Child Development

Child Development (3 Hours)

A good understanding of the child enables teachers to bring the best out of them.

What teachers will learn:

Music & Movement (3 hours)

Children naturally love music and they learn with their bodies. Understanding this, how can you maximize your children’s learning? In this creative movement workshop, teachers will learn:

Music Movement
Stories of Life Montessori Education

Bringing Stories to Life

Stories are a great way to introduce literacy skills to children. However, not every child is interested in listening to a teacher telling a story out of a book – every child learns differently. In this workshop, teachers will learn:

Leaping Into Literacy (3 hours)

How can teachers lay a strong foundation in reading and writing with children from the age of 1.5 years and above? In this workshop, teachers will learn:

Your teachers will never run out of ideas once they complete this workshop.

Leaping into Literacy

Need anything else? 

We are happy to help you with any topics on early childhood (Montessori or non-Montessori topics) 

and Montessori Elementary topics. 

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Why Schools Love Us…

I have been working with children all my adult life, but did not find the satisfaction of making a difference. Thanks to the Montessori philosophy, I am renewed in thoughts and views, very motivated, and I am confident that I can now make a difference. As a working mother, this program has given me the opportunity to learn with ease from home with the support of a great coach. It has helped me to grow as a parent, person and as a teacher. For those of you out there, if you are thinking of it... JUST DO IT!
Learning is a continuous process. This online learning experience of mine led me to meet Dr. Maria Montessori. Her philosophy and principles in educating young minds awakened a new sensibility on my teaching. I was amazed by the way she prepared the classroom environment - in which the materials are designed for a hands-on activity that stimulates the thinking and creativity of the child. I learnt about “The 3- Hour Work cycle,” which fosters focus and concentration on children. I also learnt about the principle of training teachers to become like directors and directresses that simply observe & direct the child to the materials. Thank you for this wonderful experience! It is a great privilege for me to become one of your followers, while teaching and inspiring young educators to do the same as well.
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