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Why provide training for your teachers?


It is very common to see a high rate of turnover of teachers in any preschools / school. This is because every now and then teachers need something more to challenge them and to learn something new. After all, things do get monotonous if you just keep doing the same thing over and over again, year after year.


A meaningful training program for your teachers…

  • Keeps them motivated & excited about their job
  • Inspires them
  • Makes them feel that you care for them
  • Helps them grow as a person
  • Helps them feel secure staying with you.
team training workshops

Popular workshops that will highly benefit your teachers

Why Schools Love Us…

Joining STT has been a very satisfying experience. I got to learn from a wonderful teacher and was able to exchange loads of creative ideas. I derived a wealth of information regarding the development of a child. I especially loved the Music & Movement and Storytelling workshops –getting down to the level of the children. I thank the teachers of STT for elevating my self-esteem through this unforgettable class.
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