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Ever wondered what makes Montessori education so special? Our FREE e-book is an invitation to explore the wonders of Montessori - a holistic, child-centered approach to education. In the Montessori-prepared environment, children can learn at their own pace. Their potential, interests, and developmental needs are respected. Let's learn what makes Montessori stand out from other standard education systems.

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Our FREE Montessori video is an opportunity to explore the uniqueness of a child-centered educational approach. In the Montessori-prepared environment, learning can take place at an individualized pace. The potential, interests, and developmental needs of each individual are genuinely respected. So, let's delve into what makes Montessori so special compared to conventional education systems.

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Learning online with Sunshine Teachers' Training provided me with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Montessori Education while keeping the study process very accessible and convenient for me. Since I could complete the tasks at my own pace, making assignments was pressure-free and fun! At times, I would be confused on whether I was doing the right things for my presentations, or whether I was presenting the materials correctly, but Ms. Sony and Bu Jenny were always available to help, as well as my buddy, Bu Ari. Jenny also made a timeline for me to help estimate my workload, plus how long it would all take. Paired with the face-to-face workshops in Jakarta, I feel equipped with not only theoretical knowledge about Montessori Education, but also with the practical skills to present and prepare the Montessori environment. I would recommend any aspiring educator to join this course, as well as any parents that want to provide quality education for their children. Additionally, I also recommend high school or university students to join this course: for you will obtain a certification that may help you with acquiring better jobs in the future!


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