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Montessori Course

Onsite Intensive (30 hrs)

Join over thousands of parents and educators to learn Montessori and make a difference in our children’s lives!


Montessori Intensive Course

Learn Montessori and Implement it immediately

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Montessori Intensive Course is for individuals who would like to learn Montessori the ‘RIGHT WAY’ in the shortest of time.

Montessori is a teaching method that uses concrete, hands-on materials in a step-by-step sequence to children.

Montessori Intensive Course is practical for Parents, Teachers and also Principals of schools who would like to learn Montessori and be able to implement it immediately with their children in their golden years (2-6 years).

Montessori enables children to become more Independent, Responsible, Focused, Respectful, Creative, and Intelligent.

Brain and other Researches confirms that Montessori helps the brain development of children and helps them to become calm and joyful children excelling in their school years.

You can now learn Montessori in just 5 Days and implement them with your children to give them a magical start to love learning …

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In this Montessori Intensive Course, You will…

  • Learn from our MOST Qualified and 20 Years Experience being a Montessori Mom, Teacher & Trainer – Jenny Amar
  • Understand the Montessori Philosophy
  • Learn activities from all the 5 areas of Montessori with full understanding
  • Be able to implement the activities at home or in the classroom immediately
  • Receive complete lesson plans
  • Receive a certification that may help you advance in your career

The Course

The BASIC 5-Day Montessori Intensive Course will take you through a little of Montessori Philosophy and over 100 activities for 2-4 year olds.

The ADVANCE 5-Day Montessori Intensive Course will take you through more of Montessori Philosophy and over 100 activities for 4-6/8 year olds.

You can introduce to children at Home or in your Montessori / Non-Montessori Classroom. You will learn to create many of the activities yourself.

No Tests or Exams!

Preschool Kids


BASIC MIC Fee: Rp. 2,790,000 / Person

Early Bird Fee: Rp. 2,540,000

ADVANCE MIC Fee: Rp. 2,990,000 / Person

Early Bird Fee: Rp. 2,740,000

Time : 1pm – 5pm

Location : Jl. Cempaka Putih Raya No: 21 (Lt 2)

Jakarta 10510

* Fee Includes: Complete Lesson Plans, Refreshment, Snack Box and Certificate.

* We offer Group Discounts and Special Discounts to Parents/Teachers of Special Needs Children.

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Why Our Students Love Us…

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