There is so much information on social media about implementing Montessori at Home and many parents are getting highly confused.

Montessori is actually very practical and easy once you understand the basics!

However, without the basics…MONTESSORI CAN BE CHAOTIC AND AIMLESS…and your child will not reap the maximum benefits!


In this workshop, you will learn:
    • The Basic Principles of Montessori
    • How to use these principles at home
    • Things you need to do to get started
    • What materials to create and how
    • What your child benefits from using the materials you create
    • How to maximise your child’s learning

You will be able to implement the activities you learn in this workshop in your home right away!


You can learn Online or Onsite…Click your option below to learn more

Learn M@H Online...

Learn M@H Online...

Always want to learn Montessori to implement Montessori but cannot travel the distance to our Center? Join us ONLINE! You will have access to our 3 hour workshop and learn as if you are sitting in our classroom. Play and replay the videos for 1 FULL Month! No assignments, No exams! Sign up and get started right away! You will be able to implement your learning immediately!
Learn M@H Onsite

Learn M@H Onsite

‘Montessori at Home’ is  3 hour bilingual workshop conducted for parents.  Siska, our qualified and experienced Montessori mother who raised her sons the Montessori way will share with you her experiences in addition to showing you the RIGHT WAY to implement Montessori at home. You will be able to implement your learning immediately!

What parents say…

Your Diploma Course has made me have much more understanding of myself, my children’s development and unique needs. I am absolutely impressed by the content of the course. It is very thorough, interactive, well-presented and allows for differentiated learning. I can really see how parents, passionate preschool Principals or Teachers could also highly benefit from joining this course with Sunshine Teachers' Training. I particularly enjoyed being guided and supported by your professional trainers throughout my learning journey. I have started my own Montessori area at home and my children are already highly benefiting from it.
Aurélie Pinoteau, Montessori Diploma Graduate

Previous IB teacher who gave up her career to look after her 3 daughters at home. Aurelie renovated her house to set up the Montessori environment for them. She aspires to start her own Montessori preschool in Bali one day