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1 Year Diploma

If you are a Parent wanting to implement Montessori at Home, a Principal who would like to use Montessori Methodology in your preschool, a Teacher who would like to upgrade your teaching skills or someone who would like to work with young children, then this Diploma is for you! Our Montessori Diploma meets International standards. On completion of this course, you will become a Qualified Montessori practitioner!

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Intensive Course

Montessori Intensive Course is ideal for Parents or Teachers  who would like to just focus on learning how to present Montessori materials in the RIGHT way to help children reap maximum benefits. You will learn Montessori Philosophy and the milestones of children’s development (0-6 years) in a nutshell too. If you do not have the time or are unable to commit to a year-long Diploma course, then this option will be great for you!

Montessori 101

Parenting Course

If you are a parent struggling to understand your child,  don’t know what or how to teach them to help their development, have problems with modifying their behaviours, want to get them off screen-time… then this course is definitely for you! Montessori 101 will take you through learning what your child needs and implementing Montessori in the most effective way at home so life will not be a struggle with your child anymore!

Montessori at Home

Our parents absolutely love this short course! In this course  you will learn what Montessori is about and the basic principles that you can implement at home with your child. You will have access to a 2.5 hours video recording of our actual live workshop that parents find helpful in understanding how you to help their child become more independent, responsible, creative, intelligent and respectful individuals.

Why Our Students Love Us…

Sunshine made my dream come true!

My dream to set up a preschool, Alhamdulillah, have been accomplished. Not only just an ordinary school, but a conceptual school; and Montessori concept school is very suitable for children. I can't imagine how my 'school building' would be if I've never met Sunshine Teachers' Training who has given lots of knowledge to fill my school building.

My message to you who dream on setting up a preschool: It is better for not only focusing on the building. Solidify the 'content' rather than 'building'.

I'd like to say, enjoy the 'content' of this Montessori Method with sincere intention to help, accompany children who will later become the heirs of all of us.

Please keep on improving future generations with this extraordinary method.
Keep inspiring Sunshine Teachers' Training.

Febrina Ayu Scottiati

Montessori Diploma Graduate. Founder of Khalifah Sekolah Montessori.

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