Best Montessori Kitchen Tools for Kids

Best Kitchen Utensils and Tools for Little Kids

For most parents, the idea of having little kids in the kitchen is a major no-no. It’s bound for disaster as kids can get messy and curious. However, it does not have to be this way. The kitchen can be a great learning space for your children if you equip them with the right Montessori kitchen tools. 

10 Best Montessori Kitchen Tools for Kids

Cooking with kids is a fun learning experience for them, as well as a bonding opportunity. Make sure you invest in the right Montessori kitchen tools that are suitable for their little hands. That way, you can be confident that they can be safe while learning and exploring in the kitchen.

With these 10 child-friendly kitchen tools, you can help them gain confidence as they help out in the kitchen.

Step Stool

First things first, you need a step stool for your child so they can easily access the kitchen countertop or island. Make sure to invest in a sturdy step stool so they can work in the kitchen with more confidence. It should be enclosed too, so they won’t fall off even when they move around a lot. 

Potato Masher

A potato masher is an essential and practical kitchen item. Technically, it is used for mashing potatoes, but they can also be used for a number of things, such as mixing batters or mashing other types of fruit and vegetables like avocado and sweet potato. Get your kids to mash these fruits and vegetables up so they can improve their motor skills. 

list of montessori kid-friendly kitchen tools

Crinkle or Cookie Cutter

Working with a crinkle or cookie cutter is fun for kids. It is also a great learning opportunity as they get to discover various shapes when cutting their cookies. Make sure to choose a variety of shapes so they can have fun exploring this kitchen tool. 

Mini Cutting Board

Your child should have their own workspace in the kitchen. Because of that, you’ll need a mini cutting board that they can use for cutting vegetables and fruits, or rolling out dough, among other things. 

Kids Knife Set

The thought of children handling knives in the kitchen can be a dreadful one for parents. That’s why nylon and child-friendly knives were created to make it safer for the young ones to help out in the kitchen. 

It is an essential tool to have for kids in the kitchen as working with knives is an important skill for any home cook. At the same time, it can help in fine motor skills’ development for your child. They can also learn the safe and proper techniques for handling knives in the kitchen. Since the kids’ knife set is made of nylon materials, it is safe for them to work with. You can get them the kids’ knife set so they can help cut fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and other ingredients. 

Mini Spatulas

Mini spatulas are an essential for kids working in the kitchen. This type of spatula is designed to be smaller, so it is easier for the little hands to handle and work with. Some of the kid-friendly kitchen spatulas also come in vibrant colors, so it is fun for them. They can use these spatulas when helping to apply frosting on a cake or stirring ingredients together. 

Kid-Friendly Mortar and Pestle

Kids enjoy pounding things and crushing them into smaller pieces. Make sure to channel that energy and interest into getting them to help you out in the kitchen. A kid-friendly mortar and pestle is the perfect tool for that. Opt for something with a silicone base so it won’t slide off easily or tip over while they are working with this tool. 

Measuring Spoons or Cups

Measuring is an important skill that your child can learn in the kitchen. It is a practical application of their basic math skills. Therefore, this is a great task for them to do in the kitchen. Colorful measuring spoons and cups are ideal for children to work with. Ideally, they should be made of plastic so you won’t have to worry if they accidentally drop it – which can be common when you have kids in the kitchen. 

Silicone Rolling Pin

Whether you are making pizza or pie, a silicone rolling pin is a great kitchen tool to have for kids. It helps to promote their fine motor skills and also teaches them about following instructions on how to properly roll out dough. It does not have to be perfect, but it is a fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen. 

rolling pin kitchen tool montessori-friendly


Cooking with kids and working in the kitchen does not have to end in frustration. When children are involved in the kitchen, they develop essential skills such as math and motor skills, as well as being a practical life activity. 

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