Montessori Language

Online 3-Month Course for Parents & Teachers to teach children 6-9 Years

Teach your children the basics of language & grammar in a very hands-on way!

Excellent Montessori techniques to help them learn FAST & SMART

This is because Montessori helps children learn language in a concrete manner with understanding.

Grammar, sentence structure, sentence analysis are taught as a series of engaging activities and is fun to learn!

A good command in language empowers children to be successful
academically and socially.

It helps children to have great communication skills,
increases self-confidence and self-esteem too!!!

Learn How To Best Help Your Children With Grammar!

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In just 3 months...

You will be able to:
  • Master techniques and learn many games and activities to enable you to teach children 6-9 years;
  • Print many materials (in full color) and use immediately with your children.
  • ​Teach language in both enjoyable and dynamic way. Learning will be fun for you and your child.
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What and how you teach will make a long lasting impression with your children.

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You will learn...

This Montessori Language Project will show you how how to introduce language to children step-by-step and in a very simple way through videos, lesson plans and plenty of printable materials. 

Learning Modules include:

Module 1: Introduction to the History of Language
Module 2: The Noun
Module 3: The Article
Module 4: The Adjective
Module 5: The Verb
Module 6: The Preposition
Module 7: The Adverb
Module 8: The Pronoun
Module 9: The Conjunction
Module 10: The Interjection

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International student fee: US$ 279

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We 100% guarantee that you will absolutely love the event and receive huge value from the course. 

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