Freedom in Learning

Virtual Montessori Conference 2021

A virtual Montessori conference on the principles of Freedom in Learning

Covers Toddler and Lower Elementary topics

1 & 2 October


Sony Vasandani, B.Com; M.Ed

Founder & CEO
Sunshine Teachers' Training.

I welcome you to join us in this conference!

As parents and educators, we are aware of the need to change the way we educate our children right from their earliest years… 

We know that there is a better way… 

And that FREEDOM in LEARNING is very important and plays a big role in maximising children’s learning potential…

But… what is ‘Freedom in Learning’?

How can we facilitate ‘Freedom in Learning’ with children in the classroom and at home so they can learn in the most natural way? 

What is our role as educators and facilitators? 

How can we track children’s progress when we allow Freedom in Learning?

Join us to learn from the experts and let us together bring a change in the way we educate children…

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Merdeka Belajar

Conference Inspiration...

“Ing ngarso sung tulodo,
“(for those) in front should set an example,

ing madyo mangun karso,
(for those) in the middle should raise the spirit,

tut wuri handayani.”
and (for those) behind should give encouragement.”

Ki Hajar Dewantara

Ki Hajar Dewantara was a pioneer of the education for native Indonesian. He is called the Father of Indonesian National Education.

His philosophy was deeply influenced by Dr. Maria Montessori. Both of them believed that education must be based on freedom and exploration. Children must be free to learn and develop according to their own pace. The roles of the adults are to nurture, facilitate, and be role models to the children.

 Montessori’s Freedom in Learning

Over 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori emphasized the importance of freedom in the education of children. She stated that the child, the adult, and the environment form a triangle to support the learning process. 

In this conference, we are going to dive into understanding how we can provide our children with freedom in education, the Montessori way.

How Does this Conference Work?

What's Special about this Conference ?

It is the first online Montessori conference to be held in Indonesia

Anyone can join from anywhere in the world

You can watch at your convenience at your own pace


Paul Epstein, Ph.D.

Education Director at Designs for Lifelong Learning
Beijing, China

My work involves organizing opportunities for transformative growth through workshops, seminars, conferences, training, consulting, speaking, and publishing. I am grateful for each opportunity to partner with children and adults as they learn. These experiences provide me with both inspiration and data to share when I engage with teachers, children, and parents in schools, homes, seminars, public spaces, and through a variety of media.

Sony Vasandani, B.Com.; M.Ed.

Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers' Training

I am a passionate educator with nearly 30 years of experience in in the field of early childhood education. I offer online Montessori (early years and elementary) courses for parents and teachers around the world and ‘The Preschool Business Accelerator’ program for individuals wanting to start their own preschool businesses anywhere. My vision is to help as many parents and teachers in the world to be the best educators for their children and for preschool owners to be successful in what they do without compromising on doing the best for their children. 

Conference Topics

Paul Epstein

"Free to Choose: Learning in Montessori Way"

Sony Vasandani

"Merdeka Belajar / Freedom in Learning"

Upik Anggraheni

"Make Your Baby Smart Before Birth"

Punum Bhatia

"The Importance of the Three-Hour Uninterrupted Work Cycle in Providing Children Freedom to Learn"

Pilar Bewley

"The Characteristics of Childen in the Second Plane"

Metta Amelya

"Child-Parent Bonding: Breaking Barriers, Bringing Blessings "

Ayu Lupika

"Environment Modification for Special Needs Children"

Fransiska Dewi

“(for those) in front should set an example, (for those) in the middle should raise the spirit, and (for those) behind should give encouragement.”

RR Rayi Chandra Mitri

"The Principles of Child-Friendly Homes to Facilitate Freedom in Learning"

Wahyuni Martono

"The Importance of Freedom in Learning in the Development of Children's Potential from an Early Age"

Sapna Jagwani

"Montessori Parenting Simplified"

Aarthi Nandakumar

"The Tao of Freedom: How to Humanize Children's Space of Learning"

Leila Farley

"Trusting Your Child"

Ursula Rebecca

"The Preparation of the Adults: The Key to a Successful Parenting and Education"

Astrid HW-Levi

"Technology Integration in Schools: Friend or Foe?"

Tsurayya Syarif Zain

"Studying the Concept of Freedom in Learning for Students' Psychological Development"

Cindy Jessica

"Helping Children with Disability Flourish"

Damar Wijayanti

"Freedom of Choice for Children: Is it excessive, or is it necessary?"

Iman Batthika

"Montessori at Home"

Jenny Amar

"Freedom of Language in the Montessori Classroom"

Sony Vasandani

"7 Ways to Facilitate Freedom in Learning in Your Conventional Preschool"

Letty Rising and Jana Morgan Herman

"The Art of Storytelling"

Sarah Nur
"Montessori Method with Islamic Values"

Sony Vasandani

Closing: "Montessori in the 21st Century"


Learned so much. Very informative and full of wisdom. Thank you for this conference.
Nerizza Vicerra
Parent - Philippines
The course was so well put together and it was not just lecturers but people who love the ethos
Judy Ann
Teacher - South Africa
I really enjoyed the course,it will take me far in my career
Annie Dzaho
Principal - Africa
I really love to attend this conference. It open up my eyes about the child as a life long learner.
Irma Nurul Fatimah
Teacher - Indonesia
This course is amazing either for parents even without montessori background. The topics are discussed in details yet not too heavy to listen to. I found this help improve my homeschool system and give more perspective if I want to be a professional teacher in future.
Iznaenti Arbhina Cahaya
Parent - Indonesia
The Presentations/Lectures were very interesting. The conference theme was well addressed by multiple speakers. It was great that it was in 2 languages. I would recommend this conference to others looking to learn more about what Freedom within Limits really means.
Teacher - South Korea

Important FAQs

Anyone can join this conference. If you are a parent, teacher or anyone interested in the welfare / education of children, you will get great value in what we share in this conference.

We have English and Indonesian speakers. Every presentation will have subtitles so that you can enjoy them in both languages.

A virtual conference works pretty much the same as a live one.  The experience will be the same.

Once you sign up and transfer your payment, you will be given access to video recordings for 6 months. 

You can watch the presentations at your convenience.

Fill in your details and we will send you an email with the payment details. 

Fee is Rp. 250,000 / US$19 (Includes 6 months access + your Professional Development Certificate.