Paul Epstein - Free to Choose: Learning in Montessori Way

Paul Epstein, Ph.D

Education Director of Designs for Lifelong Learning

Paul is the education director of Designs for Lifelong Learning. Designs for Lifelong Learning partners with Montessori schools and Montessori teacher education programs. Paul has worked in Montessori education as an administrator, university professor, teacher trainer, researcher, consultant, and author. Contact Paul at paul@paulepstein.us or at Linkedin

Topic: Freedom and Limits in the Montessori Classroom:
Guiding How Children Learn

This presentation will discuss the meaning of freedom and why freedom is essential. We will explore the choices children make in a Montessori classroom. We will also discover that setting limits for children is necessary for their freedom. When children experience freedom and limits, they do develop lifelong habits of learning. Children learn they are free to do what is right.

Sony Vasandani

Sony Vasandani, B.Com.; M.Ed.

Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers' Training

Sony is the Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers’ Training, Indonesia. She has been in the field of early childhood education for nearly 30 years and offers online Montessori training courses globally. She is a mentor, trainer, consultant, speaker, motivator for parents, educators and individuals interested in the welfare of children.


Topic: Merdeka Belajar / Freedom in Learning

Sony will share with you the essence of Merdeka Belajar / Freedom in learning. Why it is important and how we can go about making a change in the way we teach children. 

Pilar Bewley - The Characteristics of Children in the Second Plane

Pilar Bewley

Montessori Homeschool Mentor and Advocate

Pilar Bewley is a Montessori homeschool mentor and advocate. She holds AMI certifications for ages 3-12, a Master’s degree in Montessori education, and Positive Discipline parent and classroom certifications. You can find all her offerings at www.mainlymontessori.com and you can follow her homeschooling adventures on Instagram @mainly.montessori

Topic: Characteristics of Children in the Second Plane

Maria Montessori observed thousands of children across many cultures and noticed that they all move through a series of developmental stages. She called these stages “planes of development.” Within each plane of development, children exhibit strikingly similar characteristics in terms of behaviors and drives. When we understand the developmental purpose of these behaviors, we can better support the child’s growth. Then, guiding the children becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Leila Farley - Trusting Your Child

Leila Farley

M.S.ed Adolescent Literacy and Ed. Tech. B.A. Adolescent Education, World Language French

Leila is a homeschooling mother of three. She has always been strongly involved with her kids’ Montessori schools. Currently, she is working with Montessori companies to bring awareness of some of the most amazing materials that serve the Montessori curriculum. Leila is the author of www.montessorisecondplane.com and you can also find her on Instagram @lilamontessori

Topic: Trusting Your Child

Often, parents worry their children aren’t progressing. I often remind myself that we don’t give children anything that they can’t handle. The Montessori method is a pace-based learning method that has been tested over decades. Focusing on building a strong relationship with the child, and ensuring their needs are met is what you as an adult can do best for the child. Children demonstrate their understanding of the world in a spontaneous manner, often, unexpectedly.

Tsurayya Syarif Zain

Tsurayya Syarif Zain

Educational and Psychology Practitioner

Tsurayya is an Educational Psychology practitioner who earned her Master of Science in Psychology from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. She is the founder and head of Al Falah Saninage Kindergarten, a developmental psychology lecturer. Besides, Tsurayya actively writes articles, books, and journals about psychology and education. You can find Tsurayya on Instagram @tsurayya_zain

Topic: Studying the Concept of Independent Learning for Student's Psychology

Minister of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Nadiem Anwar Makarim launched the concept of “Freedom in Learning Education” as a new concept in running the education system in Indonesia. Let’s go through this session with Tsurayya who actively writes articles, books, and journals about psychology and education.

RR Rayi Chandra Mitri

Rr Rayi Chandra M

Founder of Kelas Belajar Montessori and Rona Montessori

Rr Rayi Chandra Mitri, S.Pd., Dipl. Montessori is a passionate mother and educator. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of education. She is the founder of Kelas Belajar Montessori, a Montessori learning community for parents, and Rona Montessori, a Montessori preschool located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She can be reached at: www.rayslan.comrayicm@yahoo.com,
ayilikeschildren@gmail.com@rayichan@ronamontessori@kbm_moms, Rayi Chandra Mitri

Topic: The Principles of Child-Friendly Home to Facilitate Freedom in Learning

Home is the first place of a child’s education. Montessori said that providing an environment that allows independent exploration and learning is a very important achievement. In this topic, we will learn how to organize a home environment that can facilitate freedom in learning, freedom of movement and freedom of expression.

Astrid HW-Levi - Technology Integration in Schools: Friend or Foe?

Astrid HW-Levi, M.Sc

Co-Founder & Principal of Playhouse Academy

Astrid HW-Levi, M.Sc (Early Childhood Education) is a Co-Founder & Principal of Playhouse Academy. Astrid is a wife, a mom of 2 teenage boys and 1 toddler, a principal, a doctoral student, and a teacher with 18 years of experience in early childhood education in Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia. She can be reached at: @astridivan@playhouseacademyid@playhousechanne

Topic: Technology Integration in Schools: Friend or Foe?

With the advancement in technology, many schools have jumped on the bandwagon to incorporate pedagogical technology in the classrooms. However, many teachers and parents are still apprehensive of these changes because they are digital immigrants who are not familiar with the technology. Let us delve deep into the world of technology and discover the advantages and disadvantages of technology in classrooms.

Ayu Lupika - Environment Modification for Special Needs Children

Ayu Lupika Pratiwi

Special Needs Contributor at Heesu Foundation

Ayu Lupika is a Special Needs Contributor in Curriculum and Program Development at Heesu Foundation. She earned her Diploma in Montessori Education (3-6) and confidently implements her knowledge in her daily life as a homeschooling practitioner and an educator. She can be reached at: @ailupikaai.lupika@gmail.com+62 812 9364 1620.

Topic: Environment Modification for Disabilities

When we talk about children with special needs, some questions that often arise are “How will children with disabilities, due to their limitations, enjoy freedom in learning? In this session, we will learn from the experience of Ayu Lupika, who has implemented Montessori to help children with disabilities achieve independence by modifying the environment.

Sony Vasandani

Sony Vasandani, B.Com.; M.Ed.

Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers' Training

Sony is the Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers’ Training, Indonesia. She has been in the field of early childhood education for nearly 30 years and offers online Montessori training courses globally. She is a mentor, trainer, consultant, speaker, motivator for parents, educators and individuals interested in the welfare of children.


Topic: 7 Keys to Facilitating Freedom in Learning

Sony transitioned her conventional preschools to Montessori preschools, decades ago.  Sony shares the 7 Keys that she used to transition her preschools and how you can do the same.

Cindy Jessica - Helping Children with Disability Flourish

Cindy Jessica Tuna

Special Education Teacher

Cindy Jessica Tuna, B.Sc., S.Pd, M.Ed. is an inclusive education enthusiast who works closely with students with disabilities in a private school in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is working closely with students with disabilities. She makes reports, gives interventions, develops personal plans, and accommodates school professionals and parents in meetings. She can be reached at: ms.cindyjessica@gmail.com
and @cindy_cj.

Topic: Helping Students with Disability Flourish

“Freedom in Learning” is being promoted by the minister of education of Indonesia as one of his programs. It then raised a question: how would freedom of learning be implemented in the life of students with disability? Inclusive education comes to build a bridge that changes the traditional face of education practice in Indonesia into a more welcoming system, especially for those with disabilities.

Damar Wijayanti - Freedom of Choice for Children: Is it excessive, or is it necessary?

Damar Wijayanti

Montessori Diploma & Certified Positive Discipline Parents Educator

Damar Wahyu Wijayanti, SIK, Dipl. Montessori is a co-founder and facilitator of Good Enough Parents, an online learning portal for parents. She is a Montessori parenting and conscious parenting practitioner, the author of “Rapi-rapi Cara Monti”, and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She can be reached at: www.goodenoughparents.id, @damarwijayanti, @goodenoughparents.id

Topic: Freedom of Choice for Children - Excessive or Necessary?

Montessori said “Discipline must come through freedom.” Some might say “Will it be too much to give children the freedom of choice? In this session we will learn the relationship between freedom and discipline, how to apply freedom in the process of developing discipline in children and how the process of brain synapses, which will be more trained, when children are given the freedom to choose in their learning environment.

Metta Amelya - Child-Parent Bonding: Breaking Barriers, Bringing Blessings

Fransisca Metta Amelya Lukito, S. Psi.

Head of Shekina Mulia Indonesia Foundation

Metta is a mother to two boys who is also the head of Shekina Mulia Indonesia Foundation. She is an “in-house trainer” at Shekinah Christian School and has expertise in the field of Guidance and Counseling, Graphology, and Parenting. You can reach her at @fransisca_metta, @shekinah_christian_school

Topic: Child-Parent Bonding: Breaking the Barriers, Bringing the Blessings

In the modern digital-based world, where parents are currently busy with their respective routines, the attachment between parents and children becomes very important. In this session we will learn from the story of Metta, a mother who has an expertise in the field of Guidance and Counseling, who is also busy managing a school. She will also share some tips on what we can do so we can have time in our busy life to build attachments that will remove barriers with our children.

Upik Anggraheni - Make Your Baby Smart Before Birth

Upik Anggraheni, SpOG, KFER

Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Fertility Consultant

Dr. Upik Anggraheni, SpOG, K-FER is a mother of 4 sons, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, and a Fertility Consultant. She earned her Diploma in Montessori Education (3-6) at Sunshine Teachers’ Training. She can be reached at dr_upikanggraheni@yahoo.com, @dr.upik.spog+62 811 8887 45

Topic: Make Your Baby Smart Before Birth

Montessori philosophy recognizes 2 stages of human development: physical embryo and spiritual embryo.  When the baby is born, actually the baby already has potential, the rest is how the parents will make it to become “someone”. Dr Upik will share each of the factors that will affect these two stages of development and how to optimize them according to the Montessori philosophy and supported by the available medical evidence.

Iman Batthika - Montessori at Home

Iman Battikha

Founder and CEO of Baby Melons, Inc.

A Pharmacist, Montessori Diploma, Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and a Member in the American Positive Parenting Discipline, Founder and CEO of Baby Melons Inc. where parenting experts support and inspire Arabic moms around the world to apply Montessori Philosophy and Positive Parenting tools to become the parents they wish to be.

Topic: Montessori at Home

In this session, Iman is going to share with you how Montessori principles are applied at home. You will be given some practical tips on providing freedom within limits for your children to learn and explore. Iman will also share the ways to set up a Montessori area at home. At the end, she will reveal the misconception about Montessori so you can understand the correct Montessori philosophy and implement it in the right way.

Letty Rising

Letty Rising

Homeschool Education Specialist, Montessori Elementary Teacher, School Director, Principal, Montessori Coordinator, and Consultant

Ms. Letty Rising earned her B.A. in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, obtained her State Teaching Credential through the California State University, San Marcos, and participated in AMS Montessori training for ages 6-9, before earning her AMI elementary diploma for ages 6-12 and M.Ed from Loyola University in Maryland. Ms. Rising moved into her first administrative role because she wanted a Montessori school for her daughters and there were none in existence where she lived, so she started one! She has held positions as a Homeschool Education Specialist, Montessori Elementary Teacher, School Director, Principal, Montessori Coordinator, and Consultant with several different Montessori communities over the years, throughout the United States and worldwide.

Ms. Rising has been working with children and families throughout most of her adult life and has a deep understanding of the developmental needs of students from infancy through high school. 

Jana Morgan Herman

Director of Kenwood Montessori School

Jana Morgan Herman has worked in Montessori classrooms for over twenty-six years and is currently the Director of Kenwood Montessori School in Louisville, Kentucky. Jana is a Montessori certified teacher and teacher trainer for four MACTE Montessori teacher trainer programs in the United States and Asia. Jana holds a BA in English literature and a Master’s in Montessori Education from St. Catherine University and Indiana teaching license for K-3, with a reading specialist endorsement.

Topic: The Art of Storytelling in the Montessori Classroom

While many people don’t know that storytelling is the backbone of Montessori during the elementary years, it also provides many rich and foundational literacy experiences for the early years as well! Anyone can tell a story, but this workshop will help you learn how to tell an even better story that will surely leave your children on the edge of their seats, begging for more. Come join the Letty and Jana for a fun hour on the art of storytelling!

Wahyuni Martono - The Importance of Freedom in Learning in the Development of Children's Potential from an Early Age

Wahyuni Christiany Martono

ECE lecturer in FKIP Universitas Palangka Raya

Wahyuni Christiany Martono is an ECE lecturer in FKIP Universitas Palangka Raya. She is also the Chairperson of APSI (Association of Indonesian Psychology School) in Central Kalimantan, Board member of HIMPSI (Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia), Head of Kahanjak Sinta Harati Foudantion and co-founder of Sekolah Alternatif Homy School Palangka Raya. She can be reached at:
https://homyschool.sch.id, @kenzkayt, @apsikalteng, @homyschool_pky.

Topic: The Importance of Freedom in Learning in the Development of Children's Potential from an Early Age

Yuni will explain why Early Childhood Education is so important. Yuni will also discuss what skills children need in learning, which develop optimally in the early childhood period and how we can help children develop these skills.

Punum Bhatia

Dr. Punum Bhatia

Owner, Montessori Casa International

Punum Bhatia, Ph.D. completed her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature; earned Masters’ degrees in English Literature and Education from the University of Calcutta; and completed a certificate diploma in Montessori Pedagogy. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Colorado Denver in 2012 for her work on the Self-Efficacy of Montessori teachers. She can be reached at: www.mcidenver.edu, www.punumbhatia.com and pb@mcidenver.edu

Topic: The Importance of the Three-Hour Uninterrupted Work Cycle in Providing Children Freedom to Learn

Maria Montessori advocated freedom as an ideal component for the young child to grow up in, and yet the idea of freedom is a very hard concept for most people to understand.  The three-hour uninterrupted work cycle is critical in providing children with the equilibrium of freedom and responsibility.

Jenny Amar - Freedom of Language in the Montessori Classroom

Jenny Amar

Montessori Master Trainer

Jenny Amar has a gentle personality, creative teaching style and passion for everything Montessori and she strives to make the learning journey a memorable one. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education and the wisdom gained from parenting her triplet sons, the Master Trainer of Sunshine Teachers’ Training always provides high quality & simulating learning opportunities for her students.

Topic: The Freedom of Language in the Montessori Classroom

How does the Montessori environment and curriculum encourage and nurture language & literacy skills freely and naturally? 

Join Jenny Amar as she takes you on an adventure through a prepared environment to see how language is inbuilt into every corner.  You will also have the chance to learn some interactive language activities and games that you can implement immediately.

Fransiska Dewi

Fransiska Dewi

Montessori Trainer

Fransiska Dewi holds a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in accounting from Gadjah Mada University and has obtained her Diploma in Montessori Education (3-6) from Sunshine Teachers Training. You can reach her at siska@sunshineteacherstraining.id and www.sunshineteacherstraining.id

Topic: (For those) in front should set an example, (for those) in the middle should raise the spirit, (for those) at the back should give support

In this session, Fransiska will share her experiences not only as a directress in a Montessori classroom but also as a Montessori mother at home. We will learn how to animate the words of Mr. Ki Hajar Dewantara in accompanying the daily life of our beloved children both at home and at school, so that they can reach their maximum potential.

Sarah Nur - Montessori Method with Islamic Values

Nur Sarah

Montessori Trainer

Sarah is a Montessori trainer and a mother to 2 children. She has more than 10-year experience in the field of Montessori. As a Moslem, Sarah is also implementing the Montessori method with Islamic values to her children.

Topic: Montessori Method with Islamic Values

Sarah will share with you how you can incorporate Islamic values when implementing the Montessori method and philosophy to your children or students. In her session, you will also learn how to prepare children activities at home in accordance with Montessori with Islamic values.
Aarthi Nandakumar

Aarthi Nandakumar

B.E.(Hons), M.Sc, M. Ed (Montessori Integrative Learning)

Aarthi has a BE (Honours) in Civil Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science and two Masters degrees – a M.Sc. in Transportation Systems and Management from the famed National University of Singapore (NUS) and a M.Ed in Montessori Integrative Learning from The Institute of Educational Studies at Endicott College in the USA. She can be reached at: lsb.edu.in, Legacy School Bangalore@legacyschoolbangaloreLegacy School Bangalore@LegacySchoolBlrLegacy School Bangalore

Topic: The Tao of Freedom: How to Humanize Children's Spaces of Learning

Inspired by the Montessori triad of child, adult and the environment, Aarthi’s talk will take you through some ways we could all think about creating spaciousness in our lives thereby offering the much-needed freedom in a child’s life.

Ursula Rebecca

Ursula Rebecca

Montessori Trainer and Directress

Ursula started working with children since she was in middle school. She worked in a state-owned company right after she earned her bachelor’s degree of International Business Administration. Listening to her inner voice, she decided to serve children and pursue her teaching career. She is now a Montessori trainer at Sunshine Teachers’ Training as well as a Montessori directress in Pennsylvania, USA. Contact her on Instagram @ursularebecca

Topic: The Preparation of the Adults, the Key to a Successful Parenting and Education

We all want the best education for our children. We are so busy preparing “things” that we forget to prepare “ourselves”. Did you know that the transformation of education begins with the transformation of the adults? Ursula will discuss how to transform ourselves with new attitudes, new spirit, and mindset, so we can be the prepared adults with qualities that our children really need.

Sapna Jagwani - Montessori Parenting Simplified

Sapna Jagwani

Trained Montessori Directress (2.5 - 6 yo)

Sapna (Suhana) is a trained Montessori directress for the ages of 2.5-6 year olds. After working in Montessori schools for over 7 years, Sapna became a full time mompreneur, inspiring parent community with Montessori principles and ideas. She conducts fun, hands on activities, and sessions for children and parents on her Instagram. She also works with a group of underprivileged children in equipping them with basic English and life skills. @littlemontessorianjkt

Topic: Montessori Parenting Simplified

The Montessori buzzwords and information can often get overwhelming for parents who want to raise their children in a Montessori way. In my talk, I will discuss the Montessori triad of the child, adult, and the environment. By asking three simple questions, we can integrate Montessori into our everyday life! What has been my child’s interest and do I observe him/her enough? How can I as parent support this? What is available and doable from my environment for this?

Sony Vasandani

Sony Vasandani, B.Com.; M.Ed.

Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers' Training

Sony is the Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers’ Training, Indonesia. She has been in the field of early childhood education for nearly 30 years and offers online Montessori training courses globally. She is a mentor, trainer, consultant, speaker, motivator for parents, educators and individuals interested in the welfare of children.


Topic: Montessori in the 21st Century

Montessori is a very old methodology. Is it even relevant for the 21st Century child? Sony will take you through the 4 skills that children need to help them in their future years and how Montessori helps children build these skills. 

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