Montessori At Home

Set up your child for SUCCESS using Montessori. This course is the Fastest Way to start implementing Montessori with your child.

You will learn...

  • Basic of Montessori Principles to apply at home
  • How to set up work spaces in the home environment
  • What materials to assemble / create
  • How to implement Montessori the RIGHT WAY
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Montessori Inspires Children's Natural Learning & Independence

Montessori Teaching School

More and more parents are now implementing Montessori in their homes to help their children become more:

  • Independent
  • Focused
  • Responsible
  • Creative
  • Intelligent
  • Respectful
  • Joyful & Calm

HOWEVER, to help children achieve their full potential using Montessori, it is very important that it is implemented the RIGHT WAY.

There are subtle details and important elements to  consider when implementing Montessori activities and materials which makes a BIG difference

Have you always wanted to teach Montessori at home to your children but don’t know where to start?

We’ve put together this course that will help you get started easily. 

You will be able to learn from the comfort of your own home using our easy to follow online video course.

In no time, you’ll understand how to set-up your home for Montessori and start fundamental exercises with your child. 

This will allow you to help set-up your child for success from the beginning of their learning journey. 

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Learn to teach the Montessori method at home

We provide easy to follow videos with the key fundamentals to help you get started with implementing Montessori

About the Materials

You will learn...

1/ The fundamentals about the Montessori method & the materials

Learn about the founder, Maria Montessori and understand the key premise of teaching Montessori.

We’ll introduce you to the materials and how they bring out the ‘inner teacher’ of your child.

2/ How to set up Montessori environment in your home

You’ll learn what a Montessori environment is like and how you can set it up in your home environment with limited spaces.

Setting Up at Home
Starting with the Mats

3/ Getting started with the mat

It is important to have these mats handy before you even start your child with Montessori at Home.

Why are mats needed? What do they teach the child? How to introduce the use of mats to your child?

You will learn all these and will be able to implement with understanding.

4/ Dry & Wet Pouring

Teach your children fine motor control with the freedom to make mistakes by transferring liquids and dry material.

This simple act develops fine motor control, focus, concentration and self-help skills.

About the Materials
Home Workshop Transferring

5/ Transferring

We introduce you to simple transferring activities for your child using a spoon and tongs and they can move onto more advanced activities after that.

You will learn to create activities to help children learn mathematical concepts too…


Learn online and be supported by a vibrant community...

Every student has access to our vibrant community of teachers and parents who are passionate about Montessori Education. 

When you join in the Online Diploma Program, you’ll join our private Facebook Community where our members are sharing their materials, ideas for lessons, and inspiring stories as they make the difference with the Montessori method.

Montessori Diploma
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What parents say…

Fantastic introduction to Montessori! Very inspiring and opens up a world & oppurtunities to work with the kids at home. Really enjoyed this! Thank you.
This course opened my eyes!!! I didn't know what exactly Montessori was before this. Now that I have learnt, I can see how important it is for children. Thank you...!

This Montessori at Home course material has been developed by our trainers who have over 70 years combined experience teaching Montessori.

This course is the perfect launch pad to get you started with teaching Montessori the Right Way.

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