Learn ‘Montessori @ Home’ ONLINE or ONSITE

Montessori is very practical and easy once you understand the basics!
But without the basics… it can be chaotic and very aimless…AND your child will not reap the maximum benefits of Montessori!

In this workshop, you will learn:
✓ The Basic Principles of Montessori
✓ How to use these principles at home
✓ Things you need to do to get started
✓ What materials to create and how
✓ What your child benefits from using the materials you create
✓ How to maximise your child’s learning

You will be able to implement the activities you learn in this workshop in your home right away!

You can learn Online or Onsite…

Montessori At Home Online Workshop

Montessori @ Home dalam Bahasa Indonesia (Lokasi: Bintaro)