Make a difference in your children's lives... Learn Montessori Online

You can have a positive impact in your children’s future…

 Even with the best intentions, without proper training, parents and teachers may do more harm than good to a child’s early development and learning potential.

There is a right way and a wrong way to both learn and apply Montessori… And we are here to help!

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Become a Montessori Parent / Teacher

Our online MONTESSORI DIPLOMA provides you with everything you need to start applying it at home or teaching Montessori in your school, while having the confidence of being fully CERTIFIED.

Start making a difference in your children's future!

Montessori Inspires Children's Natural Learning & Independence

Taught for over 100 years and throughout 25,000 schools world wide, Montessori education provides parents and teachers a structured set set of teaching tools across five key areas of learning – Practical Life, Sensorial , Mathematics, Language and Culture.

The unique Montessori learning materials inspire children’s love for learning, and encourages their natural creativity and independence.

HOWEVER, to help children achieve their full potential using Montessori, it is very important that the materials are used in the RIGHT WAY.

There are subtle details and important elements to consider, which UNCERTIFIED teachers, or parents are not aware of.


"... It has helped me to grow as a parent, person, and as a teacher..."

Why Do An Online Diploma?

The Sunshine Montessori Online Diploma gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace from your hand phone or laptop, day or night.

Teachers may apply the knowledge and skills that they learn in this program to any educational setting that use Montessori Materials in their environment and certified teachers are often rewarded with higher salaries.

The online method allows you to get qualified at your own pace, day or night

Parents may apply the knowledge and skills with their children in their home environment to enhance learning and quality of bonding time. Life is busy enough being a parent. Therefore, doing the Sunshine Montessori Diploma Online allows you to fit in your learning at your own pace, and wherever you are.

Your Investment...

Your Online Diploma Investment: Rp. 19.800.000
Note: There is a compulsory 12 Days workshop that you will need to attend. Workshop fee is Rp. 6,000,000. This is payable at the time of attending the workshop

Learn with us online and be supported by a vibrant community

Every student has access to our vibrant community of teachers and parents who are passionate about making Montessori Education available to children. When you join our Online Diploma Program, you’ll join our private Facebook Community where our members are sharing their materials, ideas for lessons, and inspiring stories as they make the difference with the Montessori method.

Help your children realise their TRUE POTENTIAL!

You Will Learn To Teach across All 5 Areas: The Montessori Online Diploma Curriculum
You will have access to structured plans across 5 KEY areas of learning - Practical life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture. You will also have access to over 200 video presentations and interactive activities within the program.

1/ Practical Life

Practical life is the corner-stone of Montessori teachings and helps prepare children for more learning in other areas.

In this module, you will learn to prepare activities for children that will help them become more independent, focused, respectful and responsible leading children to greater self-confidence and the ability to face new challenges.

2/ Sensorial

In this area, you will learn Sensorial activities focusing on visual perception, tactile impressions, auditory sense and Olfactory and taste perceptions.

You will be able to help children learn to match and grade materials that isolate the sense of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.
You will also learn to prepare Mathematical concepts for children using concrete materials. Explorations with sensorial materials encourage children to understand to basic math concepts such as learning number recognition, counting, grouping and sequencing of numbers.

3/ Language

The Language Module will take you through creating and understanding Montessori Language materials.

Lessons to teach children to read, write and develop vocabulary are structured in a step-by-step system that you will love.

You will also learn many Montessori language games and activities to help young children learn grammar (Noun, verb, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions etc)

4/ Mathematics

Mathematical concepts are introduced to the child using concrete materials.

In this module, you will learn to create materials to help children learn quantities and number up to 9,999.

You will learn to introduce the decimal system in the most concrete way to prepare children for future learning of abstract mathematical concepts.

You will also learn step-by-step the Montessori way of teaching children 4 digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through activities and games.

5/ Culture

Unlike the conventional system of education, you will learn to introduce learning of History, Geography, Botany and Zoology with a Global vision of the Universe (Cosmic Education) in a realistic way.

This will enable you to help children become aware and respectful towards the universe and all the creatures under it.

You will also learn to provide children experiences with music, stories and artwork from different cultural background helping them develop respect of each other.

What Will You Learn With the Montessori Online Diploma?

There are 13 Modules in this course. By the end of the course, you will have learned:

  • Montessori philosophy and how to apply its principles at home or your preschool
  • Child development and how to use this knowledge with children 
  • To present ALL Montessori materials from the 5 Key Areas of Montessori : Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture
  • To create and prepare many Montessori learning materials to supplement children’s learning and ensures students success
  • Proven and effective ways to prepare lesson plans and combine emotional, intellectual and other development advancements to help every child succeed
  • Skills and knowledge of observing and recording children’s progress to enable planning and maximising children’s learning potential
  • How to setup your own Montessori learning environment for your preschool or your home

How is this possible?

  • Once you are enrolled we give you our full support to ensure your success
  • Exams and assignments are not difficult and don’t involve the writing of heavy intensive essays of long answers.
  • You are graded more on your practical-real world participation, the materials you create and present and practical application of the materials. All of this will directly help you when you start with working with children. 

Other Modules Include:

  • Montessori Philosophy  
  • Child Development  
  • Curriculum Planning  
  • Observations, Assessments & Record Keeping
  • Professional Development  
  • Montessori Art & Craft  
  • Safety, Nutrition and Fast Aid  
  • Music & Movement (includes Yoga)
  • BONUS: Circle Time and Story Telling

Start Applying Montessori
The Right Way

Sunshine Teachers’ Training has been changing lives of parents and teachers for over 12 years… The Montessori Online Diploma material has been developed by our trainers who have over 60 years combined experience teaching Montessori, giving you everything you need to know to teach your children at home or students in school in a methodical way and leaves NOTHING out.


Q1. What are the requirements of this online Diploma?
To enroll: You will need to have successfully completed your high school certificate. There is no maximum age limit for this program.

Q2. What are the assignments like?  
At the end of each topic, there is a quiz to assess your understanding of the lessons. Other assignments include :
  • Writing simple essays
  • Writing up your observation of children
  • Video recording of your presentations

Q3. How is the online learning conducted?
You will be guided lesson by lesson and learn through:
  • Video presentations
  • Downloadable notes
  • Video resources

Q4. Are there any exams? 
There will be no written exams for the Online Montessori Diploma course. Just the above mentioned assignments.

Q5. How long will it take for me to complete my course? 
If you spend 30-45 minutes a day, 5x/week it should take you between 5-7 months (depending on your learning pace)

Q6. What certificate do I get upon completion?  
On completion of the Montessori online course, you will receive a ‘Certificate in Montessori Education’. To get your ‘Diploma in Montessori education’ you will need to attend a 12 days workshop and pass the practical exam that will be conducted on the last day of the workshop.

Q7. When are the 12 days workshop conducted?
They are conducted twice a year – in June/July or in December/January – during school holidays if you cannot attend 12 days at a stretch, you may split the 12 days to two 6 days workshop

Q8. Who will issue the Diploma? 
The Diploma will be issued by ‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training’. We are not affiliated with any institutions locally or overseas.

Q9. Will I need to buy Montessori materials for my assignments? 
Your assignments will require you to create your own materials for the presentation. We will guide you very clearly on how to go about it .. so don’t worry about buying Montessori materials for your assignment.

Q10. Will I need to have access to Montessori materials to do my Online Diploma? 
Although it is good to have access to Montessori materials, we know it is not always possible. You will have lots of practice with the materials during the workshop.

Q11. Will I be able to get a job on completion of this Diploma? 
Most of our students have been able to get jobs right away. Some even get jobs while still busy learning our program. There are so many preschools in Indonesia but very few qualified, knowledgeable or trained teachers.
There is a BIG gap here. As a result, preschools are employing just about anybody who are willing to work with children.
There is no reason, why Preschools will select anyone else without the knowledge and skills if they can find some one like you who have completed this Diploma.
On completion of this Diploma in Montessori Education, you will have the knowledge and skills a preschool teacher needs to know and will be an asset for the school you work for.

Q12. Will I be learning alone?
We have a community of learners, just like you, who are enrolled for this course. We engage our learners in a collaborative group online on Facebook. You will have access to the online learning platform and our Facebook group.
You will also have your own personal tutor who will guide and mentor you throughout your learning journey. You will receive feedback on your assignments to motivate you and help you succeed.
Have a Question?
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