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1/ A Parent who would like to use Montessori to help your child become more Independent, Intelligent, Responsible, Respectful, Creative and develop a happy and healthy relationship with your child

2/ A Teacher who would like to upgrade your knowledge and teaching skills so you can advance financially in your career and make a difference in the lives of children

3/ A Principal who would like to introduce Montessori in your school environment AND train your teachers so you are secure with their quality of teaching

You are in the RIGHT place!

You can now choose from three different locations closest to you and learn Montessori HANDS ON !

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Diploma in Montessori Education

This course is ideal for those who would like to have complete knowledge of Montessori for 3-6 years and be a Certified Directress. This is a 1 Year part-time course.  You will learn hands on from our qualified and experienced trainers who will also guide you with your assignments, essays and practice sessions. You are welcome to join us for a FREE Trial class in any one of our locations and receive a sign on BONUS when you enroll.
Online Montessori Home Culture
Onsite Math Workshop

Montessori Intensive Course

Montessori Intensive Course is a 30 Hour (5 Day) course that is focused on helping you learn to use the Montessori materials in the RIGHT way! You can choose to join a BASIC (2-4 Years) or an ADVANCE (4-6 Years) Course depending on your need to learn. On completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of participation  You will be able to implement Montessori at home or in your classroom immediately.
Circle Animation

Why Our Students Love Us…

Previous IB teacher who gave up her career to look after her 3 daughters at home. Aurelie renovated her house to set up the Montessori environment for them. She aspires to start her own Montessori preschool in Bali one day

Your Diploma Course has made me have much more understanding of myself, my children’s development and unique needs. I am absolutely impressed by the content of the course. It is very thorough, interactive, well-presented and allows for differentiated learning. I can really see how parents, passionate preschool Principals or Teachers could also highly benefit from joining this course with Sunshine Teachers' Training. I particularly enjoyed being guided and supported by your professional trainers throughout my learning journey. I have started my own Montessori area at home and my children are already highly benefiting from it.
Montessori Diploma 3-6 Years Online Course
Montessori Lower Elementary 6-9 Years Certificate Course
Montessori Certificate 3-6 Years Online Course
Short Certificate Courses 2-6 Years for Parents and Educators