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Montessori Training Online

If you are…

1/ A Parent who would like to use Montessori to help your child become more Independent, Intelligent, Responsible, Respectful, Creative and develop a happy and healthy relationship with your child

2/ A Teacher who would like to upgrade your knowledge and teaching skills so you can advance financially in your career and make a difference in the lives of children

3/ A Principal who would like to introduce Montessori in your school environment AND train your teachers so you are secure with their quality of teaching

You can now learn Montessori ONLINE course and learn at your own pace WITHOUT missing a minute of your day to day work

Depending on the depth of learning you would like to do, you can choose from the 3 options below.

Diploma in Montessori Education

This course is ideal for those who would like to have complete knowledge of Montessori for 3-6 years and be a Certified Directress. You will have access to over 200 video presentations covering 13 modules that you can play and replay. There are assignments, essays and a compulsory workshop to attend. You will be assigned a training buddy who will help support you through your learning journey.
Montessori Teaching School
Online Montessori Home Practical Life

Montessori Intensive Course

This course is ideal for parents or Preschool Principal who would like to understand Montessori and use it with their children or train teachers in their school. You will have access to 30 hour recording of our Montessori Intensive Course for 3 months that we conduct in our center. You will be able to play and replay the videos. There are NO assignments or Essays … just watch, learn and implement immediately.

Montessori at Home

Parenting does not come with a manual. This is a short course however have helped so many parents have a great start with their parenting ways at home.  In this course, you will have access to a recording of our 3 hours Montessori at home course  conducted by our knowledgeable and experienced trainer who is also a Montessori Mom and be able to implement Montessori immediately with your children at home!
Little Girl Practice
Circle Animation

Why Our Students Love Us…

This course will help clarify any doubts, fears, and misconceptions one has about Montessori. It will also nurture a new understanding of your own children/students/etc, their needs, your relationships with them, and their relationships with the world!
Montessori Diploma 3-6 Years Online Course
Montessori Lower Elementary 6-9 Years Certificate Course
Montessori Certificate 3-6 Years Online Course
Short Certificate Courses 2-6 Years for Parents and Educators