Learn to Homeschool Your Child: The Montessori Way

Online Course for Parents...

Did you know….
So many parents are now already learning and implementing Montessori at home with their children???

With the current situation of staying at home, there is a fear that children will be left behind…

Also, parents feel quite helpless when they are not able to teach their children at home the RIGHT WAY!

You can now learn how to Homeschool your little ones...

With Montessori, parents help their children become more:

And happier individuals with greater self-confidence…

Children also develop ‘Academic Intelligence’ and ‘Love for Learning’ they require to help them become successful in their school years!


PLUS a BONUS Course for YOU:  BASIC Montessori Intensive Course

You will Learn …

  1. Very Important Montessori Principles 
  2. Activities from ALL 5 Areas of Montessori
  3. To create Montessori-Inspired activities for children ages 2-6 years old.
  4. Observe and assess your children’s learning & development
  5. Help your child build a strong foundation for learning preparing them for school!

You will be able to implement Montessori STEP-BY-STEP and in the RIGHT WAY so your child can achieve all the Montessori Benefits!

You will help your child develop:

…and so much more!!!

This course will help prepare your child for future learning of everything else!

About Your BONUS…

BASIC Online Montessori Intensive Course (OMIC)

OMIC is a Fast Track Workshop created by Sunshine Teachers’ Training for individuals who are not able to commit to getting a Full Montessori Diploma Certification due to time, distance, and/or other circumstances.  

BASIC OMIC is generally held over a period of 5 Days covering 20 hours of learning offline in our center. This is a video recording of the actual course. It will be like you are sitting in our classroom.  

With Homeschooling the Montessori Way + Your BONUS OMIC…


1/ You will learn the essentials of the Montessori philosophy and principles

2/ You will receive a Montessori Practical Life ‘Starter Kit’ (free shipping within Indonesia)

3/ You will receive a Voucher of Rp. 250,000 that you can use towards other courses.

4/ You will learn100 activities that you can implement with your 2-4 years old IMMEDIATELY.  

5/ You will have 6 Months access to 150 video recordings to help you learn 

6/ You will be able to learn ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE using your Smartphone or Laptop.  

7/ You can Play and Replay the video as many times as you need.  

8/ You will receive WhatsApp Group support and have your questions answered as you learn.  

9/ You will have access to monthly ZOOM Meetings to help with your implementation.

10/ Montessori will no longer be a Mystery to you 🙂

Can you already see great value in learning this for your child?

We will send you the complete information via email.

Here is what parents who have learned Montessori with us say:

This program equipped me as a homeschool mom not only to teach, but also to observe the children. As parents, this program has brought me into a different perspective about the child's development and know that every child has their own pace of learning. This really encourages me to observe and understand my children more. Thank you Ms. Sony and Ms. Jenny for this wonderful program.

Irene wirjadi

I am very grateful for how flexible the course is - which is essential for me, a mother and wife who has a very busy schedule. I love how I can be leading my own learning journey independently and responsibly yet - at the same time - continue with my daily duties and responsibilities.
To me, this course is gold and guiding me steps by steps towards achieving bigger dreams.

Aurelie Pinoteau

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Here’s what the normal fee is:

Homeschooling the Montessori Way – Rp. 4,900,000

Montessori Intensive Course – Rp. 2,900,000

Total: Rp. 7,800,000



Special Fee for You: Rp. 4,400,000 (August & September 2020)

(includes the Montessori ‘Starter kit’ sent to you… yes we pay the shipping within Indonesia).  You save Rp. 3,400,000!!!)



You may also pay this in 2 installments of:

Rp. 2,200,000 – at the time of enrollment

Rp. 2,200,000 – When you start the course



This fee includes:

  • Electronic Certificate of enrollment
  • Montessori Starter Kit
  • Monthly Zoom Meeting
  • Access to our Success group on WhatsApp


Payment may be made via Credit card, PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer

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We look forward to sharing the BEST of Montessori with you!

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Sony Vasandani B.Com; M.Ed
Founder & CEO
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