Free Montessori Video Series Day 2

Day 2 Video Lesson - Play

For children, play is a very serious thing! Children learn so much when they play: they develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills that are required for life! Click on the video below to start your lesson.
Global Montessori - Video Lesson Play
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What they say…

"It has truly been a blessing to be able to walk with Sunshine Teachers Training in my Montessori journey. With the strong mentors and guidance that I received, I easily embraced Montessori into my parenting style, and into our day to day routine with my children. I thank Sunshine Teachers Training for bringing more than just the Montessori curriculum into the picture, but also how to setup Montessori at home and how to live the Montessori way. With practical applications and guidance, it has strengthen how I nourish my children. Going forward I will be opening my home for other families and children in a home called Playtics. I pray that Sunshine Teachers Training will continue to be a blessing for many more families and children, all throughout Indonesia. Yours in service and gratitude, Gaby."

We believe that every parent & teacher should have access to learning Montessori Online from anywhere…

Our vision is to enable parents and teachers around the world to learn the Montessori methodology from wherever they are, and to empower them to use Montessori in their day to day life. This has a huge impact in the lives of many children. We cover 9 modules online that will help you understand Montessori. be able to implement them at home or in your classroom as you learn…

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