The Montessori Elementary Courses

(For teaching children 6-9 Years)

Welcome to our Montessori elementary teaching courses in
Mathematics and Language for children aged 6-9 years old!

At this critical stage of development, children are curious and eager to learn. Our courses are designed to foster their innate curiosity and love of learning.

Our courses are based on the Montessori philosophy, which is a child-centered approach. Montessori focuses on the unique needs of each individual child.

Mathematics and Language courses are designed to help children develop a strong foundation in these essential subjects.

Through hands-on, experiential learning, children will learn to understand mathematical concepts, explore the beauty of language, and develop critical thinking skills.

In Mathematics, children will learn numerations, operations and fractions through the use of manipulatives and materials that you will also learn to create in the course.

In Language, children will learn English grammar that is very abstract and difficult for most. This course is especially good if you are teaching children whose first language is not English.

You will learn to create plenty of materials in these courses. We also provide you with many more materials that you can print for immediate use.

Our courses are taught by experienced Montessori teachers who are passionate about education and dedicated to helping children reach their full potential. We provide a supportive online learning Q&A sessions. You will also receive LIFETIME implementation support.

Our Montessori elementary mathematics and language teaching courses are perfect for parents, caregivers, and educators who want to help children develop a love of learning and a strong foundation in these essential subjects.

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The Montessori Language Project

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