Discovering the Right Teacher for Your School

Finding the right teacher for your preschool can be difficult. It’s crucial to make sure this person is fit for your school and your children.

Preschool children are in their ‘golden years’ of learning and absorbing and should be treated with delicacy and care.

The wrong decision can negatively impact the lives of your children, their families, and ultimately, your preschool.

Here are some important questions to ask and things to note when looking for the right teacher:


Core Beliefs

  • Does the teacher relate to your central beliefs?
  • Do they understand the methods your school implements?
  • Are they responsible, ethical, and fair?
  • What is his/her teaching style? Is she coachable?
  • What is their discipline approach?

It’s important that your teacher is wiling to learn and grow and accept constructive criticism. You may also want to know how well they relate to others, including parents, other teachers, assistant teachers, and of course, children.



It’s very important that your teacher possesses the qualifications that are necessary as an unqualified teacher can do more damage than good to children.

A qualified teacher has invested their time and money towards becoming an exceptional teacher and will likely be more committed and dedicated towards their work and children.

These teachers:

  • Will know how to plan effectively and consider a child’s best interest.
  • They are aware of a child’s developmental stages
  • Have a better, deeper understanding of a child’s progress
  • Will increase the reputation of your preschool, essentially bringing you more student enrollments.


Relationships with Others

Your teacher’s relationships with children, parents, and other teachers and staff should be studied and evaluated.

They should be a person who:

  • Is friendly
  • Understands teamwork
  • Can handle some of the issues that may arise with parents
  • Has outstanding communication skills
  • Is empathetic and understanding toward others

If a teacher has a negative attitude it can disrupt the flow and harmony of the entire school.

Our program at Sunshine Teachers’ Training equips teachers with all this knowledge and understanding in addition to the actual training of Montessori.

We offer a Diploma in Montessori Education covering 13 modules in English and Bahasa Indonesia at two different locations (Bintaro and Cempaka Putih).

We also conduct in-house training for teachers in their preschools. To inquire, call/whatsapp Jenny at 0815-9005356 or email us at training@sunshineteacherstraining.id


Sony Vasandani B.Com, M.Ed

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