Diploma in Montessori Education

Teaching children in their early years (2.5-6 years)

This is an online course for parents and early childhood educators

You can have a positive impact on your children’s future

As parents and teachers, we want to have the best for our children. 

Yet, if we lack the knowledge and skills, we may miss providing children with the support they need during their crucial years. 

Montessori is becoming popular worldwide as one of the best methodologies for teaching/supporting children’s natural independence and creative potential.

Montessori is a proven brain-based developmental method of teaching children.

It helps bring out children’s BEST potential.

It is great for children of all needs.

More parents and early childhood educators worldwide are already using the Montessori method, and so can you!

You can now learn Montessori ONLINE with us and start IMMEDIATELY!

In just 1 year (or less), you will…

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Become a qualified Montessori parent/educator and be able to teach CONFIDENTLY!


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Start making a difference in your children’s future!

In this Diploma program, you will learn everything you need about the Montessori Philosophy, child development, the entire method, and hundreds of activities from the five Montessori curriculum areas. 

We have hundreds of happy learners worldwide who have graduated or are learning with us. 

You will receive the knowledge, skills, and LIFETIME implementation support when you learn with us. 

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Montessori Inspires Children's Natural Learning & Independence

Taught for over 100 years and throughout 25,000 schools worldwide, the proven Montessori method of education provides parents and teachers with a structured set of teaching tools across five key areas of learning – Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Cultural Studies.

The unique Montessori learning materials inspire children’s love for learning and encourage natural creativity and independence.

However, to help children achieve their full potential using Montessori, the materials must be used CORRECTLY, and the Montessori principles must be applied. 

There are subtle details and essential elements to consider which UNCERTIFIED teachers or parents are not aware of.

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Why Do Your Online Diploma with Us?

Our Online Diploma in Montessori Education allows you to learn at your own pace from your handphone or laptop, day or night.

More and more parents are applying Montessori at home to help support their children’s learning. This Diploma will give you the full understanding and confidence to apply Montessori at home as you learn. 

Life is busy enough being a parent. Therefore, doing our Online Diploma in Montessori Education allows you to fit in your learning at your own pace and wherever you are.

Teachers may apply the knowledge and skills they learn in this program to any educational setting that uses Montessori Materials in their environment, AND certified teachers are often rewarded with higher salaries. 

Research shows that Montessori children are better at academics (reading, writing, and arithmetic) in their later years. Brain research also confirms that Montessori is great for children’s development, including those gifted or who have other special needs.

Learning is an investment that lasts a lifetime!

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When you join this course, you will receive:

  1. 45 Minutes Kick Start session with Jenny Amar, Master Trainer
  2. 13 Modules Online Training – Over 250 video presentations
  3. Printable Manuals with colour illustrations
  4. Complete lesson plans for each of the 5 Areas of Montessori
  5. Monthly Group Meetings – 90 minutes/session
  6. Personal ‘Success Buddy’ who will help support you throughout your learning journey
  7. Email support (within 24 hours response) from our experienced Montessori Trainers
  8. Roadmap to your learning success
  9. LIFETIME implementation support through monthly Zoom meetings.
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Start learning TODAY!

At the end of this program, you will…

  • Understand and develop an appreciation of Montessori philosophy.
  • Understand children’s development from birth to six years.
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the Montessori materials and the prepared environment.
  • Have knowledge, understanding, and use of various observational techniques.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to become highly creative and confident in teaching children.
  • Be able to set up your Montessori environment and create materials to help children’s overall development. 

We aim at student success, and therefore we are committed to helping you succeed in your learning journey.

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Here's What Our Graduates Say…

“I am glad that I took the Montessori Diploma as I finally learned about the Montessori philosophy thoroughly and in the right way. My completion of the Diploma came at the right time too. Since schools were closed due to the pandemic, we were forced to teach our children at home. This Montessori Diploma gave me the confidence to implement all the teachings at home with my daughter.”
“My original plan for doing the Montessori Diploma was to be able to teach my toddler using the Montessori method. But after we moved to London, I received job offers immediately.”

When you sign up, you will…

  • Have access to over 300 video presentations
  • Be able to download colourfully illustrated manuals with complete lesson plans
  • Have your personal tutor who will be your mentor and guide.
  • Join monthly Group meetings online for discussions and deeper learning
  • Receive LIFETIME implementation support through a support group and monthly Zoom meetings.
  • Upon completing this program, you will receive your Diploma in Montessori Education (2.5-6 years) sent at no additional cost.
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Help bring out your children’s MAXIMUM POTENTIAL!

You will learn everything you need to know in 13 modules:

A Portrait of Dr Maria Montessori

Module 1 - Montessori Philosophy

You begin with learning about the origins of the Montessori philosophy. Then, you will dive into exploring and learning about all the concepts and findings behind this beautiful philosophy. The goal is to help you gain a deep understanding and passion for the teachings of Dr Montessori.

Module 2 - Child Development

You will learn theories on the development of the child 0-6 years in all areas: Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and Social development. This understanding will enable you, as parents and educators, to know what to expect from children and how best to support them.

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Module 3 - Practical Life Activities

Practical Life activities are the cornerstone of the Montessori environment. Through these activities, children build their confidence and skills that prepare them for learning in other areas. You will learn to prepare, create and present the activities. 

The activities of Practical Life revolve around four areas:

Module 4 - Sensorial Training

The Sensorial area of the Montessori environment focuses on activities that help refine the child’s five senses: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. You will develop an appreciation and understanding of how these materials help the child to comprehend, clarify & classify things in the world around them. You will also learn how to present these materials and create materials/activities of your own to complement Sensorial Training.

Young Girl doing Montessori Education Activity at Home
Home Montessori Education with Mom

Module 5 - Language

The Montessori language materials are designed to take the child on a step-by-step journey to reading and writing. You will have the opportunity to understand and present the materials to help children explore letters and sounds and eventually spelling, writing, and reading. We will guide you to make your materials for the language area.

BONUS: Circle Time & Storytelling

Early childhood classrooms use Circle Time and Storytelling daily in classrooms. You will learn how to conduct an effective Circle Time. You will also learn to use different mediums for presenting stories to make your session engaging, exciting and interactive while keeping your children captivated.

Module 6 - Mathematics

The Montessori Mathematics materials help the child approach concepts with hands-on, physical, and visual learning aids. You will learn to introduce numbers up to 9,999, the decimal system, the four basic operations, and more. You will help children build a solid foundation for numeracy that will assist them throughout their lives.

Montessori Education Learning Material
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Module 7 - Culture

Montessori cultural materials provide activities that help the child acquire knowledge in zoology, botany, geography & history. You will learn the intricacies of understanding each sub-areas, presenting the materials, and making many materials for children.

Module 8 - Montessori Art & Craft

The Montessori Art & Craft module equips you with nurturing creativity and innovation in the young child. You will discover a new approach to presenting creative activities to the preschooler and stretch your creative levels.

Exploring Painting at Montessori Education School
Happy Kids in Montessori Education School

Module 9 - Music & Movement

Children are bursting with energy and are always on the move. You will learn activities and games to enhance the holistic development of the young child while at the same time having fun and fostering creativity.

Module 10 - Curriculum Planning

It is common practice to use thematic units in the early childhood classroom. This module is where all your learning comes together. We will guide you in choosing relevant themes for preschool. You will learn how to integrate your chosen theme across the Montessori curriculum in interactive, fun, and educational ways.

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Module 11 - Safety, Nutrition and First Aid

Educators need to understand what good nutrition is for young children. You will explore a well-balanced diet for children in their early years. You will also learn to incorporate cooking into your curriculum in a fun and creative ways.

Module 12 - Professional Development

You will understand your role and responsibilities as a Montessori guide, who supports parents and works with others as a team. You will also get an insight on how to grow your career path, thereby enabling you to be a true professional in your field.

Happy Teacher in Montessori Education
Montessori Education with Teacher and two young kids eager to learn

Module 13 - Observations, Assessments & Record Keeping

For Montessori guides to be successful, they must develop the ability to observe their students, keep track of their progress and assess them. You will learn varied methods of observation and record-keeping. You will develop the skill to watch a child and take note of their challenges and successes and assess their development. You will also learn how to write different reports and build student portfolios.

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To enroll: You will need to have successfully completed your high school certificate. There is no maximum age limit for this program.

At the end of each topic, there is a quiz to assess your understanding of the lessons. Other assignments include :

  • Writing simple essays
  • Writing up your observation of children
  • Video recording of your presentations

You will be guided lesson by lesson and learn through:

  • Video presentations
  • Downloadable notes
  • Video resources
  • Monthly Zoom Q&A sessions

Upon completing all online course requirements, you may partake in a 3-Part online Examination. There is an additional fee of Rp. 6,000,000 for this exam.

If you spend 30-45 minutes a day, 5x/week, it should take you between 7-8 months (depending on your learning pace)

Upon completing the Montessori online course, you will receive a ‘Certificate in Montessori Education’. To get your ‘Diploma in Montessori education,’ you will need to do a 3-Part Examination online. You may need to purchase a few Montessori materials for this exam. We will guide you with this.

The Diploma will be issued by ‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training’. We are not affiliated with any institutions locally or overseas.

Your assignments will require you to create your materials for the presentation. We will guide you very clearly on how to go about it .. so don’t worry about buying Montessori materials for your assignments.

Although it is good to have access to Montessori materials, we know it is not always possible. You will have lots of practice with the materials during the workshop.

Most of our students have been able to get jobs right away. Some even get jobs while still busy learning our program. There are many preschools in Indonesia but very few qualified, knowledgeable, or trained teachers. There is a BIG gap here. As a result, preschools employ just about anybody willing to work with children.

There is no reason why Preschools will select anyone else without the knowledge and skills if they can find someone like you who has completed this Diploma.

Upon completion of this Diploma in Montessori Education, you will have the knowledge and skills a preschool teacher needs to know and will be an asset to the school you work for.

We have a community of learners, just like you, who are enrolled for this course. We engage our learners in a collaborative group online on Facebook. You will have access to the online learning platform and our Facebook group.

You will also have your own personal tutor who will guide and mentor you throughout your learning journey. You will receive feedback on your assignments to motivate you and help you succeed.

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