How to get Your Kids to Listen to you

How to get your kids listen to you 3

Even the most well-behaved children can have selective hearing at times. One day they don’t seem to even recognize that you’re speaking. The next, they clearly hear you, but are failing to follow your directions. It can be frustrating when children won’t listen. As parents, we sometimes unintentionally teach our children that it’s okay not […]

10 Activities to Build Your Kindergartener’s Self-Confidence

10 Kegiatan yang Membangun Kepercayaan Diri Anak Anda

Everyone can benefit from more self-confidence. But very young children need some guidance as they learn to believe in themselves. As adults, we can help our children with the important task of developing self-confidence. To help your kindergartener develop their belief in self, model confident behaviors and tell them how important they are. They’ll begin […]

How to Calm a Child Without iPads

How to Calm Your Child Without iPads

When your child starts crying, the easiest thing to do is to switch on the television, give them your iPad / tablet or phone. However, research shows that using screen time to calm children’s behaviour may interfere with their learning on how to manage emotions on their own. In fact, playing games and watching videos […]

5 EASY Steps on How to ‘Follow the Child’.

5 Easy Steps on How to Follow the Child

There are so many Montessori terms that are used that may not be so easy for everyone to understand. One such term is ‘Follow the Child’. This beautiful term was coined by Dr. Montessori and is at the core of her philosophy. As a parent and teacher trainer, this is one of my personal favorite […]

12 Must Know Parenting Tips During This Pandemic

12 Must Know Parenting Tips during this Pandemic

These are not easy times for you and your children. Here are 12 Tips on how to best parent your children during this pandemic. We hope you find great value from this video. Feel free to leave other tips, comments or questions, and watch out for more videos on this… Be positive, stay safe and […]

5 Montessori Principles That Transform Children

Montessori Principles that Transform Children

5 Montessori Principles That Transform Children   Hands-on Learning Montessori discovered that children like to move around and find it difficult to sit still. Instead of forcing children to listen to the teacher and sit still,  she designed special materials for children to learn through working hands-on with the materials. Therefore, instead of learning through […]

Parents… Do you spend time with your child?

happy Family at the field with the father carrying his son

When parents hold their child for the first time in their life, they imagine spending a lot of time with their baby, showing how much they love them and doing every thing they can to give them the best.

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