What is the Pikler Triangle & is it Montessori?

Pikler triangle Montessori toy

Several Montessori toys are available to facilitate learning that are aligned with the Montessori method. One of those toys is the Pikler triangle. If you want to invest in one, make sure you know how to use it and the various ways it can facilitate effective learning so you can maximize its use.   What […]

The Tiny Seed Theme for Toddlers

tiny seed activities for toddlers

The Montessori method of teaching utilizes a child’s creative mind and penchant for play to facilitate the learning process. Therefore, many of the Montessori techniques involve using real-life interaction and outdoor play. Montessori learning does not just happen in the prepared environment or Montessori classroom; the world around them is their classroom. The tiny seed […]

Easy Montessori at Home Activities for 2-Year-Olds

Best Montessori Activities for 2-Year-Olds

Two-year-olds are fun to deal with because there is a lot of development going on – from their motor skills to language skills. They are a bundle of energy and are always curious. They are also getting very good at imitating adults. At this age, they also express an interest in certain activities and experiences. […]

10 Simple Activities to Teach Problem-Solving to Your Preschooler

fun problem solving activities for kids

Problem-solving skills are one of the cognitive skills that your child will learn and develop during the early years of life. It is important to start nurturing this at an early age so that they can develop it later on in life. It is easy with fun and effective problem-solving activities for kids, which you […]

Ten Ways To Help Your Preschooler Learn To Read

Your preschooler has mastered the ABCs, can count to 20, and is a pro at colors and shapes. Once these basic skills are attained, your youngster is ready for the next step: reading. While your child will spend their early elementary school years developing their reading skills, you can get a jump start on reading […]

How to get Your Kids to Listen to you

When toddlers start preschool it can be hard on the parent, the child and the teacher. While this is certainly an exciting milestone – for your child,

12 Must Know Parenting Tips During This Pandemic

These are not easy times for you and your children. Here are 12 Tips on how to best parent your children during this pandemic. We hope you find great value from this video. Feel free to leave other tips, comments or questions, and watch out for more videos on this… Be positive, stay safe and […]

5 Montessori Principles That Transform Children

Hands-on Learning Montessori discovered that children like to move around and find it difficult to sit still. Instead of forcing children to listen to the teacher and sit still,  she designed special materials for children to learn through working hands-on with the materials. Therefore, instead of learning through memorizing and worksheets, children learn through experiences […]

Montessori vs Kindergarten: Key Differences in Style of Learning

Anyone new to the Montessori education often find themselves asking this question: “What makes Montessori different?” The answer is a lot of things! This is an important thought for parents to ponder on as they make the big decision between a Montessori school, or a traditional kindergarten or school.  Depending on where you are, the […]

Maria Montessori

Many teachers and parents get into immense power struggle with their children. The common complain is that “The children are not listening”.