Who We Are

Imagine being so frustrated by the low level of training provided to teachers that were affecting the futures of young Indonesians all over the country that you decide to take matters in your own hand and develop your own teachers training curriculum!

Well, that’s exactly how Sunshine Teachers’ Training was born.

We were born from a passion and desire to lift the quality of teaching in early childhood education in Indonesia starting back in 2005.

With Montessori methodology becoming increasingly popular in South East Asia today, the need for qualified Montessori teachers was highly felt.

We provide the most trusted hands-on and highly informative 7 months training program to the Montessori method and curriculum for preschools educators.

Our program provides teachers with real-world, practical holistic knowledge and skills that may be implemented in any preschools setting.

Over the years we have trained hundreds of teachers who have secured jobs both locally and internationally.

Our training centre is Accredited B by the National Body of Accreditation for Early Childhood Education in Indonesia (BAN PAUD & PNF).

We continue to maintain the HIGHEST standard of Training and aim to bring the BEST POTENTIAL from our Trainees.

We encourage you to take a little step first by enrolling in a trial class so that you can see if we are the right organisation for you.

Our Aim

Sunshine Teachers’ Training aims at empowering you to become the ‘BEST’ teacher who can make a lifelong positive difference in the lives of children.

Our Trainers

At Sunshine, you learn from the best. Our trainers are passionate and experienced in their field and have had combined Montessori training experience of over 60 years.


Our Diploma

Our Diploma program in Montessori Education is suitable for:


  • Parents / to-be parents who would knowledge and skills to help raise their children at home, maximising their children’s potential
  • Principals who would like to implement Montessori in their schools
  • Special needs educators who are looking for a simple approach to educate their children.
  • Teachers who are interested to upgrade their teaching skills and achieve personal and career growth
  • Individuals who would like a career as a preschools teacher / child social worker.
  • Other individuals interested in the welfare of children in the early years.


We offer:


  • ONLINE & ONSITE Montessori Diploma and Workshops
  • Option to learn with either Bahasa Indonesia or English
  • Weekday & Saturday Classes in 2 different locations: Bintaro & Cempaka Putih
  • A FREE TRIAL class at no obligation to enroll for Onsite Courses
    Payment of fees in easy installments.

Starting Your Own Preschool

Are you inspired to start your own preschools and lack the knowledge or need a sense of direction to get it right from the start?


We have helped a few individuals set up their preschools successfully.

Our services include:

  • exploring the right philosophy for your preschools based on your beliefs and dreams
  • providing you the list of groundwork that you will need to do before commencing.
  • planning and working towards your goal
  • incorporating the Montessori philosophy in your preschools
  • preparing all internal documentations required for the smooth functioning of the preschools
  • providing you with the entire Montessori preschools curriculum and assessment templates for all age-groups (3-6 years)
  • providing you with the complete Montessori lesson plans for all areas.
  • showing your teachers how to plan, create and implement the thematic topics within the Montessori teaching curriculum.
  • providing you with list of all Montessori preschools materials and connecting you with suppliers and everything else that you need.
  • helping you with interviewing your Montessori preschools teachers
  • implementing and getting started – includes site visitations.
  • providing your teachers with Montessori preschools teacher training program to get them all ready for the school.
  • follow up, brain-storming Montessori preschools ideas and helping with initial start up issues in all areas.
  • helping you introduce awareness programs for parents & school promotion.
  • preparing you and your teachers for initial parents & teachers meetings.
  • helping you at all times throughout the process.

Why Our Students Love Us…

Your Diploma Course has made me have much more understanding of myself, my children’s development and unique needs. I am absolutely impressed by the content of the course. It is very thorough, interactive, well-presented and allows for differentiated learning. I can really see how parents, passionate preschool Principals or Teachers could also highly benefit from joining this course with Sunshine Teachers' Training. I particularly enjoyed being guided and supported by your professional trainers throughout my learning journey. I have started my own Montessori area at home and my children are already highly benefiting from it.
Aurélie Pinoteau, Montessori Diploma Graduate

Previous IB teacher who gave up her career to look after her 3 daughters at home. Aurelie renovated her house to set up the Montessori environment for them. She aspires to start her own Montessori preschool in Bali one day

  • Many teachers and parents get into immense power struggle with their children. The common complain is that “The children are not listening”.


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