12 Qualities of a Good Preschool Teacher

12 Qualities Of A Good Preschool Teacher

Do you have what it takes to be a great Preschool Teacher?

Read through these 12 qualities and see how you rate yourself as a potential or existing preschool teacher…



1. Passion

Passion is number one quality that every preschool employer looks for. This is not the same as ‘love for children’. It refers to the desire to work with children to make a difference.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


2. Dedication

This refers to the willingness to improve the lives of children and commit long term.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


3. Patience

Preschool teachers deal with multiple situations and children of different abilities.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


4. Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to handle and meet new challenges and unexpected situations and changes either in the system or with the children.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


5. Respect

Respecting the individuality and uniqueness of every child and believing in their abilities is a vital quality for a preschool teacher.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


6. Creativity

This refers to not just the ability of the preschool teacher to make design materials to make learning fun, but also to think differently to handle different children and make the best use of resources at hand.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


7. Being Proactive

Preschool teachers need to have the initiative in introducing new or changing existing systems in teaching or handling scenarios, in order to uphold the best interests of the children.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


8. Being Reflective

Reflection on your actions, teaching and handling situations is important to help us grow as teachers. Do you reflect on your actions to better yourself?

Your Rating out of 5: _______


9. High energy

High energy is an important quality that allows enthusiasm in delivery of daily lessons to your children at school, and this enthusiasm is often infectious.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


10. Love for learning

To inspire children to learn, teachers ought to be open to learning and exploring latest research in early childhood or preschool education.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


11. Sense of humour

Can you laugh with your children and make your class lively? Having a good sense of humour allows you to laugh with your children without any inhibitions.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


12. Authentic

By this I refer to being self-aware and being true to what you believe in.

There should be no conflict in your heart that you are there only and only because you love making a difference in children’s life.

Your Rating out of 5: _______


How did you go? If you have a high rating – 50 points above, then you are an early childhood educator at heart.

I believe that whatever you rate yourself, there is always room for improvement as a human being and as educators.


Article Reference:   Colker, L.J. 2008. Twelve Characteristics of Effective Early Childhood Teachers. Young Children on the Web. Beyond the Journal
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