If you are a Parent wanting to implement Montessori at Home, a Principal who would like to use Montessori Methodology in your preschool, a Teacher who would like to upgrade your teaching skills or someone who would…

Always wanted to start your preschool and have no idea how to go about it? We can help you plan from scratch make it happen. From exploring your school’s Philosophy that relates…

The Montessori method teaches language and mathematics  concepts in a very concrete way which is why Montessori children excel in academics.

Running your own school and need help with training your teachers? We are happy to help you. You may choose from a variety of topics depending on your need. Our…

About Us


Sunshine Teacher’s Training is essentially a training institute for parents, early childhood and primary school educators, and anyone working with children. 

We specialize in offering online Montessori courses to anyone around the globe who would like to make a difference in the education, and lives, of children. 

Our Aim

Sunshine Teachers’ Training aims at empowering interested individuals to become the ‘BEST’ parents / teachers who can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Our Philosophy

We provide a holistic Montessori education for Parents and Educators to help improve quality of their parenting and teaching children in the early years (2.5 to 9 Years) in Indonesia and around the World.

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Popular Online Montessori Programs

We offer a Diploma in Montessori Education for Infant/Toddler (age 0-3) and Early Childhood (age 2.5-6), other courses, and workshops for you!

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Online Montessori Diploma

Even with the best intentions, without proper training, parents and teachers may do more harm than good to a child’s early development and learning potential.

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Online Montessori Intensive Course

OMIC is a Fast Track Workshop created by Sunshine Teachers’ Training for individuals who are not able to commit to getting a Full Montessori Diploma.

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Important FAQ's

Montessori is a hands-on teaching method that has become very popular today especially in teaching children in their early years.

There has been a lot of research in the last few decades that supports the Montessori method of teaching especially for early childhood.

Montessori method of teaching involves the use of materials to enhance the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and language development. It also supports the development of self-confidence, independence and concentration that are essential in life.

Montessori materials are attractive, easy to use and engaging. They continue to fascinate all our students.

This is a great summary of the differences between Montessori and conventional preschool education.

Montessori is designed to help all children reach their fullest potential at their own unique pace.

Montessori classroom supports all children because there is no comparison. The multi-age grouping allows each child to find his or her own pace without feeling “ahead” or “behind” in relation to peers.

The curriculum is flexible and teacher caters to the differences in the children’s abilities.

For these reasons and more, Montessori has proven to be highly successful with children of various temperaments and abilities.

Research studies show that Montessori children are well prepared academically, socially, and emotionally for later life.

In addition to scoring well on standardized tests, Montessori children rank above average on criteria such as: following directions, turning in work on time, listening attentively, using basic skills, showing responsibility, asking provocative questions, showing enthusiasm for learning, and adapting to new situations.

Sunshine provides an online Diploma in Montessori Education. You can now learn from anywhere in the world with us. 

We have over 400 learners from 23 different countries learning with us today. 

You have to be a minimum of 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit for this program.

Our oldest student was 52 years old, a housewife who had not done any courses for years and had a sudden desire to do something useful. On her successful completion of the program, she was offered a job right away.

You will need to have successfully completed your high school.

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Enrolling in Sunshine Teachers Training made me a better educator and reminded me why I became a teacher in the first place. It made me understand what Montessori method is all about. Also, the teachers at Sunshine Teachers Training are very helpful and hands on. They will guide you from start to finish. Enrolling here is the best decision that I have made for my professional development.
I joined Sunshine Montessori Training School in September 2019. I completed my Montessori Education Diploma in December 2020. My learning journey was really an amazing experience with this wonderful training team led by Ms. Jenny Amar. I am really thankful for all the timely guidance, support and I would say constant and continuous motivation from the trainers throughout the course. Wishing all Success to Team Sunshine. Keep Shining and spreading light..
Montessori Diploma 3-6 Years Online Course
Montessori Lower Elementary 6-9 Years Certificate Course
Montessori Certificate 3-6 Years Online Course
Short Certificate Courses 2-6 Years for Parents and Educators